PSVR Demos Available To Try Out At London King’s Cross Station

If you’ve passed through London’s King’s Cross Station then you may have noticed a giant PSVR headset taking up some space. The giant headset is actually a demo location which contains regular sized PSVR headsets for people to try out. The location will be around until Sunday where people will be able to check out demos for different PSVR titles to mark the headset’s launch.


If you are near the station or will be travelling through it at some point over the next couple of days it may be worth popping in to see if VR is for you.

Source: Twitter

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  1. Question: can you stream games while on VR?

    • Yes, you’ll stream what’s on the social screen on TV.

      • No I meant on twitch etc

      • Yes, you’ll stream what’s on the social screen on TV to Twitch.

        You’re the only person who’ll see what’s on the screen inside the headset though. You’ll just be streaming a simple 2D video, which might be dramatically different to what’s on the VR headset depending on how the game uses the social screen.

  2. In case you are tempted to take your brand new £350 purchase apart to see what’s inside the PSVR Sony’s “Interactive Entertainment mechanical design director Takamasa Araki has disassembled the VR headset screw by screw, laying its innards bare”.

    It’s over twelve minutes but it’s very interesting to see what goes into this great piece of tech. Mind you I don’t fancy the job of putting it back together again!

    • Wow, that is a lot of components. Great video mate, thanks for posting that.

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