Respawn Are Still Insisting The 2 In Titanfall 2 Means It Is A New IP

Bless Respawn, they are trying their best to win over PlayStation owners who were left out when they launched Titanfall and once again have reiterated that the number 2 in Titanfall 2 does not mean it’s a sequel. It is a brand new IP. Ignore that other game from two years back. Titanwhat?

“Titanfall 2 is really a new IP at launch if you think about it,” said  Respawn COO Dusty Welch. “The Xbox One install base is two or three times what it was when Titanfall launched, the PC audience continues to grow. Then there’s the PS4 install base, which is enormous. It has a ‘2’ next to its name, but that signifies the dual elements of Titan and Pilot, and the single player and multiplayer.”


I wonder if they think that if they say the same thing over and over people will eventually believe them? Anyway, here’s a rather fab new trailer for the single player campaign for the brand new IP, Titanfall 2.

The team have also commented on their launch window, sandwiched between Battlefield 1 and this years Call of Duty.

“We’re launching with a lot of sequels,” said art director Joel Emslie. “They’re not just sequels either, they’re way into the series. If gamers are looking for something brand new to play, even though Titanfall 2 is a sequel, it’s the first time we’ve added single player to it.”

It cant be a new IP and a sequel. Which is it? Oh this is so confusing.

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  1. It’s a new IP _and_ a sequel _and_ so much less confusing to just ignore it and go and look at pictures of cute puppies on the internet instead.

  2. “It has a ‘2’ next to its name, but that signifies the dual elements of Titan and Pilot”

    Well i have heard some crap spouted in my time but that is priceless. So why was the first game not called Titanfall 2, that had pilots and titans in it also.

    • No, pilots and titans is 1 element…

      “dual elements of Titan and Pilot, and the single player and multiplayer”

      So 1 element is “Titan and Pilot”, the other is “the single player and multiplayer”.

      And then when it comes to the next new IP (Titanfall 3), they just need to remove a single word and add a comma. “Titan and Pilot, the single player, and multiplayer”

      There’s a name for that sort of comma that isn’t always necessary, isn’t there?

      • Lol, well that clears that up. So if titanfall had never existed would this still be called Titanfall 2.

      • Yes. Or possibly 3. Or 4. Or whatever they wanted, really.

        Personally, I think we should call it Bernard.

  3. 2 Means it’s twice as crap as the first, and that was… well crap, but now you get double the crap.

  4. Someone should pick up the Titanfall licence now it’s fallen into disuse.. ;)

  5. Usually, new IPs don’t put a 2 into it’s title and whilst a sequel doesn’t have to be a true sequel, it is another addition to the franchise. But if they want to be all artsy and fancy about it, go ahead. Not like anyone will buy a game because the number 2 means a billion different things. Or am I getting old and the ol’ belief of the quality of the game is based on the game itself no longer applies?

  6. I deal with marketing on a regular basis and this is obtuse nonsense at best. If it was truly about the duality then that would feature in the title. This is them trying to be cool and it failing miserably. Silly bastards.

  7. It may as well be, they’ve changed it so much from the first. Might as well call it Call of Titans and he done with it. They took out what made it unique and turned it into a generic fps.

    I think he’s trying to say it will be new to a lot of players, though that’s dependent on it actually selling, and releasing between battlefield & cod is literally the worst time they could’ve launched it.

    • More likely he’s saying “We picked the wrong platform last time, so let’s pretend it’s not a sequel and hope we fool enough PS4 owners into buying a sequel to a game they never got to play”.

      Which makes sense, really. Might have been better to call it something else and slap a “From the makers of Titanfall” label on it though. Which would just sound like marketing bollocks, rather than complete nonsense.

      • They should have made it a prequel or something similar so it makes the PS4 owners feel like they didn’t miss out that much. Titanfall: The Beginning, etc.

      • I wouldn’t say they picked the wrong platform, as I doubt Sony were ever going to make a counter offer for a new ip when their system was selling great anyway. Xboxone needed it way more and I think it worked out ok for both Respawn and Microsoft.

        I agree maybe a ‘from the makers of’ might have worked better if they’re so concerned about getting ignored by ps4 users. Or just emphasise the first didn’t have any story of note so it doesn’t matter anyway! I played it over 400 hours and couldn’t tell you what it’s about!

    • Agreed. If the beta is anything to go by, they royally screwed up the formula. It may as well be a reboot, and a bad one at that.

      Really people shouldn’t be put off by the ‘2’, the first had a very loose narrative that can easily be picked up in TF2. As for the gameplay, well Xbox One/PC players had the cream topping, and I’m personally happy to leave all the boring plain sponge that is TF2 to the rest.

  8. I enjoyed the first a lot enjoyed the beta for 2 and looking forward to 2.

  9. Can’t wait for Titanfall 2 II.

    • Giant robots dancing around in little skirts?

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