Shuffle Cats Is King’s First Attempt At A Multiplayer Card Game

Best known for the Candy Crush games that have enslaved millions and millions of people, King launched a new game yesterday. Shuffle Cats is the developer’s first attempt at a multiplayer game which reshuffles the rules of card game Rummy to work on mobile devices and tablets.


The mobile game is set in the 1920s across the rooftops of London, where players will be taught how to play the game by the other characters – who are cats, if you hadn’t guessed it from the title. These well designed characters are; Montie, the mentor to new players, and Walter, the mini-game master and Lucky Charm maker.

The actual game’s mechanics are relatively easy to understand. After each player has been dealt seven cards, players will seek to create as many ‘Melds’ as possible on the game board. The melds are usually cards of the same suit in numerical order, going from lowest to top. The first player to score 10 points in the game wins, but the score requirements for earlier levels is lower to ease you into the game.

Players have an opportunity to discard one card from their hand every turn if the hand they’re getting isn’t what they were hoping for. When players win a game, they can expect to be rewarded with Gems, the currency of Shuffle Cats, which can be used to gain entry into one of the eight Card Clubs on Lucky Lane.


The game is actually quite pretty, visually. The art style seems to have some depth to it, and because of this there is somewhat of a 3D feel to all the animations and the interface for the menu is concise. The game includes multiple game modes and social chat mechanics, enabling players to communicate while competing against each other.

Carolin Krenzer, Head of Studio at King London said, “Launching Shuffle Cats is an exciting move for us, especially as it’s our first multiplayer card game. We’re always looking to broaden and diversify our portfolio and create new, engaging games – Shuffle Cats serves as a perfect example of this.

“It’s also great news for those of us with a competitive streak as you can now test your card skills against players from all over the world in real time.”

The game does a wondrous job of teaching player’s the basic methods and strategy behind Rummy in little to no time. Shuffle Cats is free-to-play and has enough of a daily reward to keep competitive and casual players interested without the need to spend money and pretty much anyone can pick this up, learn the rules and enjoy it to its full potential.

Shuffle Cats is available now and can be downloaded for Android and iOS.

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  1. king are scum, so i won’t be playing this, or any of their games for that matter.

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