Football Manager 2017 Will Include A Simulation Of Brexit

Both ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ Brexit scenarios will be simulated in the next version of Football Manager which launches next month. Miles Jacobson, game director Sports Interactive, said they decided to add the scenario to the game despite all the features being locked down.

The Brexit effect will limit the ability of players to move between the EU and Britain, and other scenarios will see Scotland leave the UK and become independent.


“Many games these days are complex enough to require companies to employ in-house economists, but rarely do they pivot such activity around real-world political issues,” said Steve Bailey, a games analyst at market research firm IHS Technology. “And so, it’ll be interesting to see just how players respond to these scenarios, and what ongoing consequences they’ll bring for how the game is played.”

Football Manager 2017 and Football Manager Touch 2017 land on November 4th.

Source: BBC

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  1. Don’t. Just don’t. This will cause the fans to argue about politics, potentially start fracturing the userbase into pro,against etc…

    At least wait until we have started the exit of the EU before inlcuding stuff in games.

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