Sleeping Dogs Developer Appears To Be No More

United Front Games, the studio behind Modnation Racing, Sleeping Dogs, and LittleBigPlanet Karting seems to have closed it doors. Its most recent title, Smash+Grab is no longer available to buy via Steam’s early access and the closure has seemingly been confirmed by producer Jen Timms.

Update: we wrote that this was official, but are waiting for a statement, despite looking very likely.


It’s yet another dismaying casualty within the video game industry and our thoughts go out to all those affected.

Although the Vancouver-based developer didn’t always hit their mark, UFG will be fondly remembered for one of the best open world games in recent times.

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  1. Man was hoping for sleeping dogs 2, one of my fav game of last gen, was better than GTA 4

    • Everything was better than GTA4.

      • Wouldn’t go that far! Sure it had its flaws and but was still a great game, and both DLCs were fantastic.

      • Cousin, It’s been a while! Let’s go bowling!

        Cousin, It’s been a while! Let’s go bowling.

        *50billion phonecalls later*

        SHUT UP! AAAAARGH! *Burns GTA4, dances around it whilst laughing manically*

        Ironically, GTA5, the game that would have been perfect for bowling and a few of the mini games didn’t get it though with Trevor, i suspect bowling would turn into “Oh god! Oh god! He punched out all of my blood!”

  2. Sleeping Dogs wasn’t the best open world gamv i’ve played but it was a good one. A sequel could have easily pushed it into excellent if improvements were made.

    Tis sad to see another developer get shut down. :(

  3. Smash+Grab seemed rather misjudged to me.

  4. Sleeping Dogs was the 2nd best GTA I ever played (after Red Dead Redemption).

    The city just felt alive.

  5. RIP Wei Shen.

  6. This is such a shame to hear. UFG did a great job on Modnation then really knocked it out of the park with Sleeping Dogs.
    Today it’s still one of the very best open world games with a great sense of place and really involving story. If you’ve never played it you really should, especially if you like Hong Kong classics like Infernal Affairs.
    I hope all the developers are able to find new jobs.

  7. I’ll have Pork Bun for my tea tonight in their honor.

  8. Oh man loved Modnations and Sleeping Dogs…. still got both of the game. Was really hoping for a 2nd Sleeping Dogs :(

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