Behold The Horror Of The Latest EU PS Store Sale

It’s the spookiest time of the year, apparently. Days are shorter and nights are longer – you know, so there’s a 24 hour clock – and now Sony have cut the price on a range of horrible horrifying and terrible terrifying games.

Middle-earth: Shadows of Mordor is the deal of the week, dropping down to £11.99, but the Halloween sale runs from now until 2nd November, and features The Evil Within for £12, Layers of Fear for just over £6, Wolfenstein: The New Order for under a tenner (and The Old Blood for just a fiver), and plenty more besides.


Head over to the store for the prices, but here’s the list of everything on offer, from the EU PS Blog. Let us know in the comments if anything jumps out at you.


*Some titles may not be available in your region

PS3 and PS Vita

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  1. Those 6 lots of DLC for Fallout 4 are everything, aren’t they? No more coming? Because if that’s the case, it’s cheaper to buy all 6 in the sale than get the season pass. Which seems to be in the sale for full price.

    Looks like I’m still waiting for some sort of GOTY edition then.

    As for the rest… having picked up Alien Isolation in a different sale recently, I’d recommend it, despite stupid not being able to climb over a small suitcase nonsense.

    Wolfenstein New Order/Old Blood would be criminal to ignore at those prices.

    And Layers of Fear is highly recommended, but it’s completely broken in a very strange way. (There’s a chance for a game breaking controller issue that doesn’t seem to affect all controllers. You may be ok if you’ve got a spare to use)

    And Shadows of Mordor is definitely worth it. Especially if you like brown. That game really needs a sequel. (Middle Earth: There’s Been A Mordor! gets my vote)

    • What’s this about the controller?!

      • There’s an issue with the R2 button you use to interact with things. Doors and stuff.

        I’ve got 2 controllers, and one of them refuses to recognise R2. But only in Layers of Fear. Any other game, it works fine. Switch to the spare controller, no problem. R2 works, and you can open the first door in the game.

        It’s possibly the strangest bug I’ve ever come across. Some controllers that work fine in any other game fail to recognise a single button in that 1 game.

        I suspect there might be a bit more to it than that though. The R2 button isn’t just a button, it’s pressure sensitive. I’ve a theory that some controllers aren’t quite reporting the same value at maximum pressure, always for that 1 button too. Most games recognise it, some are being a bit more picky about what counts as being pressed, requiring a value some controllers can’t reach.

        Several people have reported the problem in Layers of Fear, and also Need for Speed has a similar issue. R2 is used for accelerate, and it doesn’t always recognise it, making you lose some of the later events by annoying fractions of a second. The only solution is either another controller, or remap the buttons using the accessibility features on the PS4.

        So I’d still recommend Layers of Fear for being wonderfully weird and creepy, but be aware you might have controller issues that require some degree of working around.

  2. Lots and lots of bargains, very tempted by a few of these!

  3. Tempted by Until Dawn. Does it compare to any other games, or does it have its own unique mixture of action/cinematic moments?

  4. Am I lazy? I just don’t engage with these sales like I used to as I have to make more effort. I’ve check it out on Vita but nothing seems to be a steal. PS3 I rarely buy on and the PS4 list seems long but without big deals.

  5. Probably will get Until Dawn finally, was on my wish list for ages. And I keep being tempted by Wolfenstein, but it’s possible I’d never get round playing it, and my new and shiny PSVR doesn’t make that more likely either. The bunker sounds interesting too. We’ll see.

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