New Horizon Zero Dawn Video Explains The Rise Of The Machines

Introducing the Snapmaw.

Horizon Zero Dawn’s setting is one that juxtaposes humanity’s technical prowess with its downfall and return to hunter gatherer societies. It is a trope that has been explored a few times before but Guerrilla’s title appears to be trying to really flesh out exactly how such a society would work. In the world that has been created machine animals roam the land while humans hunt them, but there had to be a point where the machines evolved to become the dominant species.

In a new video the team of Guerilla explain some background to the creatures, and look at their evolutions. They also show off the Snapmaw, which is a crocodile like machine that lives in packs.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. Game looks stunning the scenery is amazing. The protagonist reminds a bit like nariko from Heavenly sword but with a bow.

  2. Continues to look wonderful. It’s a lovely update and shows how much thought they’ve put into the game.

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