Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Gets A New Trailer

As there’s nothing much happening today I thought we would pop over to Hollywood for some more news in the shape of the latest trailer for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. It reveals that there is a cure for the zombie apocalypse and Milla Jovovich’s Alice is heading back to Raccoon City.

A number of character from the previous movies are returning, most notably Game of Thrones’ Iain Glen as Dr. Isaacs. The movies y have been incredibly successful with each installment pulling in a larger box office than the preceeding film.


The film his the UK on February 24th, 2017.

Source: YouTube

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  1. i don’t care what anybody says, i’ve really enjoyed this series of movies.
    certainly more than i have the games lately.
    i can’t wait to see this one.

    • also, the Logan trailer is out now.
      not strictly related but what the hell.
      looks cool.
      seems like a certain mutant rumoured to be in the movie will turn up.

      i wasn’t going to spoil it, but what the hell, they brought back Toad. ^_^

  2. I wonder how much further they can butcher what little characters they haven’t touched yet? And I wonder how many times Alice will save the day? This better be the final fecking chapter and Paul Anderson loses the right to direct any further of this piece of shite films. The first two were decent. Not perfect, not excellent but decent though 2 butchered Nemesis and Alice always seemed to save the day. You cannot beat up Nemesis with your damn fists! FFS! It’s Nemesis! A freaking almost invincible creature that chased Jill Valentine everywhere after wiping out STARS. And they decided to have Alice take it on, not Jill. Not like Jill Valentine was in a game called Resident Evil 3:Nemesis! Oh, fecking wait! She was! FFS.

    3 took the piss. How the fecky feck does the T-virus or the G-virus give you superpowers? Superstrength is acceptable as that happens in the game. Speed? Again acceptable because it happened in the game. Telekinses? Feck off! Just because you saw that Wesker had it and by the way, that was a heavily modified virus that was a one off, doesn’t mean that it can be used as a lazy excuse to turn your main character into something with powers. Oh and the director only did it as a wasteland setting because one of his relatives didn’t see Mad Max. Here’s a tip: DON’T MAKE A FECKING FILM JUST FOR THAT ONE PERSON!

    4 was piss stained awfulness. With 3D! Filled with stupid shots in 2D, wastes a big plot point from the third film within the first hour, reduces the likes of Chris Redfield to a generic character. Alice saves everyone because feck it, she is special, right? And Alice fights Wesker. Not like Chris freaking Redfield had a history with him in the games. I mean, it’s not like the very first game featured Wesker and Chris and becoming enemies thus the film with the name Resident Evil should naturally have Chris fighting Wesker. They literally rip off scenes from the games. Because the director(yeah, I refuse to call him by his name) saw it and went “Looks cool. Throw it in.” and flat out ignores established stuff in the franchise. Such as Las Plagas. LAS PLAGAS AND THE VIRUSES ARE NOT THE SAME FECKING THING! I mean, by god, why is the executioner in this film? It’s a stage boss in Resident Evil 5.

    Then there is the last film.


    Just no. Oh and 4 contradicts 3 heavily. Why? Well, let’s say that a major setting of 3 is pointless. Oh and most of the films open with the same “My name is Alice” monologue. WE get it! She is awesome, she is a badass!

    Here’s a tip: That is also known as a mary sue. Mary Sues make for crap characters.

    Let me guess, this one, she will save the world, kill Wesker and get a happy ending whilst the other characters always need saving or do nothing because Alice must always be the star.


    Sorry, just tend to get real angry when films based on games are such full of bs such as this.

    • Why did you watch them all? How many bad films in a series does it take for you to give up?

    • Replied to the wrong bit. Oops

      • Replied to the wrong bit when trying to say i’d replied to the wrong bit. I should get my coat.

    • oy, i thought it was my job to post page long angry rants on here.
      still waiting for my payment in jaffa cakes by the way.

      i don’t want some usurper taking my position. >_<

      • Ah, you believe angry rants are your ally. *inhales* I was born angry, molded by it, raised by it. You merely adopted it. I am the angry rants.

  3. Why did you watch them all? How many bad films in a series does it take for you to give up?

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