Shadow Of Mordor And Other Games Have Been Patched For PS4 Pro

News reaches these shores that  Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 will be updated later this month to version 1.02 which includes new faces and boots for standard PS4 owners, and a super sharp 4K 60fps mode for those who pick up the PlayStation Pro.

A few weeks ago Deus Ex: Mankind Divided was updated for Pro, and this week we saw The Elder Scrolls Online adding support 4K mode and 1080p enhanced mode on the new console. There is also 8.3GB update for Shadow of Mordor which adds a 4K mode, and Smite update 3.19 prepares the game for Pro.


Which is all well and good, except no one has a PlayStation Pro yet, so Shadow of Mordor players will be downloading a huge patch which doesn’t really do much for them.

Source: PSL / Square Enix / ESO / Smite

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  1. Is this going to become a thing now? We’ve all got to download updates that add Pro features we won’t be using?

    8.3GB isn’t exactly huge, and it’ll happily download overnight when you’re not going to notice anyway, but if it’s adding a 4K mode, that presumably means new textures that eat up valuable disc space. It’s 8.3GB on top of the existing install, not replacing stuff.

    Sounds like the sort of thing that should be offered as optional (free) DLC, and not an update to the existing game.

    But I can see why Sony would prefer it as an update. New PS4 owner buying a Pro and some games? Don’t want people getting confused and not downloading the DLC to support 4K modes.

    Same way some games can be significantly bigger in their EU versions than the US version with all the audio in extra languages bundled in with the game rather than as DLC.

  2. To be honest, this could have been fixed very easily on the level of console/database connection. Have PS4 Pro? There is an additional update, don’t have PS4 Pro? There are no updates for you. It’s literally one more property on the “update” psn object, it’s not that hard to implement.

  3. Please tell me Sony isn’t stupid enough to download updates for hardware I don’t have?!?! That’s like me having Steam pop the Mac versions of PC games I have on there. You know… just in case. :-\

    • I think there’s more to it than that, to be honest. Both PS4 and PS4 Pro have got 8GB of RAM, so theoretically, they’ll be using the same textures, character models, etc. etc. etc. But some devs haven’t been shipping with those textures because 1080p was the limit, or because they didn’t need quite as high quality without the possibility of HDR.

      But your comparison doesn’t work, because there’s plenty of PC games now shipping with 4K textures which aren’t necessary for someone with a weedier GPU playing on 1080p.

      • Aye, I was thinking about that after I posted the comment. Such a shame to waste such bandwidth. I realise ticking a “4K” box on Steam is a bit of a pain in the arse – if such a thing existed – but it would also mean the devs would have to split the update apart which is more fuss for them.

        I’m just thinking about unnecessary bandwidth costs but hey-ho. Sod efficiency! :D

  4. I’m holding off on the Pro for now… If there are improvements to the PSVR – I might invest.

  5. Making you download an update that has no use whatsoever for your console?! That’s a great waste of hdd space and bandwidth. It’s annoying enough when you have to download dlc you don’t own as a patch, I hope this doesn’t become the norm too.

  6. New faces for standard ps4 owners! Nice! Can I have Brad Pitts?

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