Shawn Levy Is The Next Director Linked To The Uncharted Movie

Did you know it has been seven years since the Uncharted movie was announced? Since that time directors like Avi Arad, David O Russell, and Seth Gordon have all been linked with the film. There was even the whole outcry when Mark Wahlberg was being considered to play Nathan Drake. Now the director Shawn Levy, who directed Real Steel, Date Night, and episodes of Strangers Things, is the one Sony is entrusting to bring the Uncharted movie up to the big screen.

We’ve been here plenty of times before so until there’s a confirmed cast and a trailer with an actual release date don’t hold your breath.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Oh right, this exists. Mark Walhberg as Nate? ERm….. no. With an dose of feck that! Feck that idea! Burn it down! Burn the idea and urinate all over it’s corpse!….

    Wow, i went a bit dark there.

    But does UC really need a movie? I mean, Drake’s story is over and even with an original character, it may not grab people’s attention beyond “Huh, there’s an UC film). Real Steel is a superb flick though.

    At the risk of it being well, Kojimaified, i think Sony should just give it to Kojima. I mean, dude pretty much is a director with Metal Gear Solid. Give him limits, have Naughty Dog be heavily involved and it could be a very interesting film.

    I kinda hope it never happens as well, the ratio of good films to bad is heavily favouring the bad stuff.

    Why not just CGI it? I will always feel that CGI for video game films is the best option. Got the voice cast, the developer can write the plot for it and boom, there’s a decent flick.

    But if Paul W S anderson ever gets involved in this, it will die. It will suck. It will be a god awful piece of monkey trash.

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