November’s PlayStation Plus Includes Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture

November’s PlayStation Plus is going to be rather more divisive that the previous few months as we are back to indie games, and a ‘walking simulator’ at that. You really don’t anything other than wander about in Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture but don’t let that put you off, it’s rather good.

November also finds The Deadly Tower of Monsters on PlayStation 4, a B-movie inspired action game that wins points for naming a lead character Dick Starspeed. PS4 owners can also nab Letter Quest Remasterd and Pumped BMX+, both of which are cross-buy with the PS Vita versions.

PS3 owners get the rather good DiRT 3, and Costume Quest 2. Here’s the full line-up, available to download from 1st November:

Source: EU PS Blog

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  1. Yes, it might be a Wa*king Simulator, but EGttR is very good, and looks and sounds gorgeous.

    The rest look reasonable enough. Never did get around to buying Costume Quest 2, after they screwed up the PS4 release. Did it ever happen in the end? Oh well, it saves me some money anyway.

    Also… “Letter Quest Remasterd”? Top marks for spelling the title of a game about spelling wrong. That _was_ deliberate, right? ;)

    • Oh, wait. It’s Sony that can’t spell.

      • Yup I cut and paste :) But well spotted!

      • Copy and paste. Not cut. Cut would imply you’d removed the text from the PS Blog, leaving a big gap and lots of confused users not knowing what games they were getting.

        Which would be quite funny, really.

  2. Good line up, two games I’ve considered buying in the past but never got around to.

  3. I’ve got Ps4 offerings. I bought EGttR in a sale and enjoyed it and I bought tDToM on release sand found funny for a while but a very easy platinum, if anybody’s interested in that. No doubt I’ll have a look at the 2 cross-buy titles to no doubt.

  4. 4 games to download for PS4. That’s a lot of game right there.

  5. to re-sub to plus or not re-sub…
    expired the other day, was going to wait till i see something i really want, but considering getting titanfall, so will need it for that too..

  6. Sweet, always wanted a reason to go back and play DiRT 3. EGTTR is surely worth a look, too.

    • Great timing for me. I was about to be bought Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture for my birthday next week, so that can go towards a different game. :-)

  7. The very reason why I never buy games from the PSN (barring that and the fiasco that they can be pulled at any time and you never get your money back…cough DeadStar cough).

    I’ve wanted to play EGttR but knew it might appear in PS+ at some point…shall look forward to it.

  8. I’ll check out Tower of Monsters, already have EG to the R. It’s pretty but more Sloth than Sleuth imo.

  9. Literally bought Letter Quest last week in the October sale which is frustrating. I wish they balanced the sales / freebies out a bit as I think when its that close it doesnt stimulate the buyers market at all. I have them all already. Great games throughout except BMX which I found underwhelming.

  10. Rats, I own both of them. Well worth owning though, Rapture is gorgeous and Tower of Monsters is good silly fun! Good month for others!

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