Analysts Suggest Titanfall 2 Sales Will Be “Disappointing”

Doug Creutz, a market analyst working for Cowen, has advised investors that his rating for EA has dropped from outperforming their predicted targets to market perform. In other words, they aren’t doing as well as he had initially predicted.

The reason for this is that, according to Doug, Titanfall 2 will be a bit of a flop. “”We are downgrading EA shares … because we believe that ‘Titanfall 2’ sales are going to be substantially disappointing, enough to offset upside from ‘Battlefield 1′” he wrote.


That seems a little odd considering Titanfall 2 is available on two consoles this time rather than one, but a quick glance at my online friends reveals that apart from myself, just one other person is playing the game. That’s not good on release day.

By the way, I’m streaming the game now you can watch here.

Source: CNBC

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  1. Available on two consoles, except that 1 of the 2 didn’t get the first game. Would people buy a sequel to a game when they haven’t played the first game? Possibly, possibly not.

    Except it’s not a sequel and the 2 refers to the number of people playing it, or something. The number of bags of money the marketing people were given to come up with that crap?

    A quick look at my online friends suggests it’s not as popular as No Man’s Sky. And that I need more friends.

  2. Mass Effect 1 was Xbox exclusive for years, and people bought Mass Effect 2! As for Titanfall 2, I know I’m not remotely interested. Just not into that kind of game.

  3. I’d like to know who these mystery analyst are that get mentioned in so many gaming articles? Are they real, what do they base there analysis on? Or is it just one person like that Patcher giving their opinion/best guess?

    • Presumably he has some fairly solid info to downgrade a huge company like EA

    • One of the curiosities with Titanfall is it apparently sold 10m+, however the game was heavily discounted often. If it sells half that but at nearer to full price maybe it could actually make more money!

  4. Maybe, this is why you don’t release two major FPSes at the same time. BF1 has overshadowed TF2 and this time of year is a bad time for releases. Great for us gamers apart from the “Oh come on! That’s out!? My wallet! My beautiful wallet!” aspect but for publishers, a lot of competition. Heck, TF2 is competing against BF and COD. Skyrim Remastered, Dishonoured 2. All out a week before, at the same time, a week later etc..

    Should have delayed it to avoid the christmas rush.

    • Yup

    • Yep. Releasing a week after battlefield was incredibly daft. One EA guy kept saying he didn’t think they would compete with each other, which is very odd considering they’re multiplayer based fps games.

      Btw Titanfall was on 2 consoles, 360 and xboxone.

      • Basically Battleborn vs Overwatch.
        Different games but the same as in FPS.
        Really not interested in the WW1 setting however in a month, I’ll pick up Titanfall 2 at a discounted price with all the free post- release DLC rather than a “good for a couple months once we have sorted the bugs then have to pay for additional content” to play with my mates title

      • Yeah I get that view, however I’m really enjoying battlefield and it’s by far the smoothest launch for an EA multiplayer title that I’ve played. I played Titanfall crazy amounts but have lost interest now due to all the changes.

  5. Sadly mine didn’t arrive today so should be hear this morning,I have Battlefield 1 and will be flitting between that and Titanfall and Modern Warfare/Infinite Warfare over the following weeks I recon.

  6. PRICE DROP!!!
    This will be £19.99 before christmas..
    Free on EA Access or maybe free in some posh crackers from Harrods or home bargains.

  7. While the time of release is dreadful and will play a huge part should sales be poor I also feel like there’s an inert desire for familiarity.
    For PS4 players CoD is familiar, Battlefield is familiar and while they are new and different, they’re still going to take the lions share over something totally new.

  8. I expected this to be Michael Pachter, and was going to comment that this means TF2 will sell well!

    It’s got great reviews, but it’s not gonna take players from BF1 or IW. Pretty much everyone apart from EA knew it would struggle at this time of year.

    • But TF2 did sell well on Steam. ;)

      • It’s just taken me about 5 straight minutes of thinking WTF does this comment even mean, then I guessed you cheekily put Team Fortress 2 in there.

        Half Life 3 confirmed.

  9. Completely agree with the above comment about release schedules. Why to companies have to go head to head with similar games or releasing similar stuff back to back? It’s not savvy at all. I remember back in the ps3 era when F1 race Stars, Split Second and Blur all released within 7 days. How was anyone going to win that battle. Just drop something back a few weeks and give us time to save and get them all.

  10. Titanfall 1 sold extremely well because it had the perfect window to be released in. Start of the generation with very little competition. Be crazy to think the sequel would do the same, even going multiplatform.

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