Infinite Warfare And PlayStation 4 Pro Get An 80’s Style Advert

Sony have decided the best way to sell the PlayStation 4 Pro is by a rather awful 80’s inspired ‘retro’ advert. That seems rather at odds with the super powered futuristic console, but I guess it ties in with Zombies In Spaceland.

Source: YouTube

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News Editor, very inappropriate, probs fancies your dad.


  1. I saw this earlier and pointed out out to WaxBull. I’ve got top day it’s one the strangest adverts ever. Totally weird.

    • But also totally, like, gnarly! :)

  2. So instead of doing a futuristic advert that would have suited the campaign and setting, they elected to do 80s?

    Just for MP?



    Activision, you are aware BF is out now and that this entry of COD is having a hard time selling itself due to a shoddy requirement for the MW remaster, right?

    This kinda doesn’t help it. I mean, it is good to see creative adverts but for a part of MP? Doesn’t really help sell it.

    Heck, I can’t help but think of Jon Snow whenever they play that advert on the TV.

    Also, Lewis Hamiliton is in this.

    Ok but Lewis Hamiliton? A racing car driver known for just driving in F1 and winning?

    Why? Why use that cash when you could use it to get Nolan North(gaming is getting less North and more Baker-y) or Steve Blum. Heck I could actually picture bearded person that is evil being voiced by the Blumster.

    • There was another advert showing all footage from the new CoD campaign but hyping up the remastered CoD campaign. Most confusing!

      • Yep. It’s like even they know that the COD fanbase doesn’t want this but are trying to pretend that they are and using MWRM to get them to buy it.

        I feel sorry for parents that buy their kids COD as this is going to cause them to spend £80+ just to get little timmy MWRM.

        But I can see Activision finally realising that a yearly entry is no longer working. Heck, the other yearly entry franchise finally stopped and that was AC. COD has to be on it’s last legs and needs to be given a rest.

      • Agreed on CoD needing a rest. They should’ve just released the remaster this year and maybe a World at War remaster next year. Though as long as CoD always sells highly Activision will continue to put them out yearly. What they do next year will be interesting.

      • Space is often the last resort and well, COD going into space has resulted in it being compared to Killzone. I can’t help but think of Killzone due to what the plot seems to be similiar to. NotHelgast being evicted from their planet, wanting it back, war occurs whilst notisa tries to prevent that from happening.

        I do agree that a remaster would have been enough. Just do remasters of the popular CODs and Activision would still have their cash cow. Instead of Deus COD, KillCOD, Metal Gear COD? I don’t know what the others have been but i swear they did venture into Metal Gear terrority with the tech.

        The franchise seems to be having a major lack of identity. It’s gone from it’s WW2 setting to modern day to just a bit in the future, more future, even more future and does end up venturing into other terrorities.

        It’s beyond it’s prime, it seems and i think this will end up suffering the same fate as Guitar Hero.

  3. I like it. Kind of amusing for me, like I went back in time.

  4. Maybe not the best way to sell it, but the retro 80’s kid in me did like it

  5. what they should of done was said hey you sad fu$£ers buy this at an extortionate amount of money just because we threw in the cod 4 remoist…

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