Nintendo: You Have Not Seen All Of Switch’s “Add On Hardware”, Will Not Replace 3DS

Nintendo’s President Tatsumi Kimishima has been talking to Bloomberg and has explained that the forthcoming Switch console, which has a portable element, will not replace the 3DS.

“Thanks to our software, the 3DS hardware is still growing,” he said, “So that business still has momentum. And certainly rather than being cannibalised by the Switch, we think the 3DS can continue in its own form.”


He describes the reveal video as”a conceptual image of how the Switch is different from the Wii U”, and also hinted that you might be able to attach a lot more than just joypads to the console.

“In terms of the various ways you can play, you will have to see it together with the software and accessories that we’ll have, which we will reveal in January,” said Kimishima. “In terms of attachments to the core part that is the Switch, it may be appropriate to call them accessories. Or it might be better to call them add-on hardware. It’s probably more correct to call them accessories. You can assume that there will be a wider array.”

However, the console will not have VR, at least not to start with.

“If you asked as if this might be possible in the future, certainly we can’t say no,” explained Kimishima. “In terms of how it can be used for gaming, it’s something we must consider. It depends on the system specifications. I can’t say that we have no interest in VR because VR offers new ways of playing, but that depends on what kind of software can be played. But what kind of software works, that’s only something you only know once you actually experience it. And our games are ones that are usually played for a long time.”

Sources have revealed to Eurogamer that the console will include 6.2″ multi-touch screen running in 720p, and an IR sensor which could allow basic motion controls.

Source: Eurogamer / Bloomberg

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  1. A wide array of add-ons? That sounds more worrying than promising but i guess we should wait for the details.

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