Playing Skyrim With Mods Will Disable Trophies & Achievements

Terrible news for any trophy and achievement hunters out there waiting to receive a copy of Skyrim: Special Edition. Enabling any mods for the remastered roleplaying game will prevent you from unlocking the usual spread of virtual accolades.



Even simple, non-intrusive mods such as lighting filters will completely bar any progress towards your trophies/achievements.

We suspect the reason for this is two-fold. There’s a chance modders could abuse the system, publishing a hack that offers an instant 100% or platinum trophy. On the other hand, Bethesda may want to preserve that sense of reward that comes from earning them legitimately.

Of course, this decision won’t effect a lot of players picking up a copy of the game. It’s just a shame there isn’t a way to have the best of both worlds, perhaps enabling compatibility with mods that only offer minor or cosmetic tweaks to the game.

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  1. Expected, but a shame nonetheless. Would’ve bought it if I could play with mods and get achievements. Tbh I don’t see why using mods should disable them, seeing as they have no use or give any advantage at all. Would it really bother anyone if some random person you’ll never meet had unlocked them all via some sneaky method?

    • I think that’s my biggest problem with this. Having been out for six years, it shouldn’t really matter if the platinum is now up for grabs quite easily.

      • Yeah it’s not even a particularly hard platinum, just time consuming. That’s assuming they haven’t bothered to change the list. As much as I like Skyrim, I don’t want to play through it all again just with slightly better graphics.

      • It’s exactly the same list, DLC and all.

  2. You can turn mods on and off, so could you turn mods on, and use them to boost progress towards a trophy somehow, then turn them off to collect the trophy, then turen them back on again?

    • No one’s quite sure if using such a method would work. Would be cool if it did though we’ll have to see.

      • The screenshot of the warning you handily provided is when you’re loading a save. Presumably that means “the saved game you’re trying to load has been corrupted by eldritch forces, or possibly mods, and you can never earn trophies with it”.

        They couldn’t be that incompetent that you can get around it by turning mods off and having the trophies pop then, could they?

        Oh, wait. It’s Bethesda. You probably can, but the framerate will plummet permanently, and random things will disappear.

  3. These mods was a bad idea from the beginning. Let the pc-gamers turn their games in trash holes

  4. What about fallout 4, did the mods disable achievement on exbone?

    • Yeh they disable them too. This wasn’t a surprise decision really.

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