What We Played #277 – Titanfall 2, Destiny & Rhythm Paradise

Is it the weekend yet? Looks like it is to me. That’s a good thing, because I’ve a bit of sleep to catch up on…

So it’s been a bit of a busy one for me, and there’s one game I’ve played that will have to stay a secret for the time being, but I sunk some time into Battlefield 1 over the weekend and played some more of Titanfall 2, in the run up to our review at the start of the week. There was also some dabbling with Sports Bar VR and I kind of enjoyed playing a bit of Rhythm Paradise Megamix, even if it’s not actually all that rhythmically complex.

But I wasn’t the one to review Rhythm Paradise, that was Dave, who found time to do that and continue trying to take over the world in Civilization VI, before jetting of to Mexico of all places! He has some ‘mooning to do.

Steve’s been busying himself with finishing the “sublime” Ori, as well as working on Darkest Dungeon and Exile’s End for review. He’s also become a bit obsessed with Dead Island Retro Revenge and kicked off a playthrough of Doom – a game I really need to find time to play soon.

Another Id property was on the cards for Tuffcub, who played a little of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, got through the first episode of Tales from the Borderlands and popped in to check out Destiny a few times. I’m guessing this was to check out the new Halloween stuff, which is why Jake made sure to visit it in his own very busy week.

If there’s one person you can trust to brighten up What We Played with Japanese games, it’s Miguel, and he doesn’t disappoint this week, except that there’s more of a horror slant to suit this time of year. There was the Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel DLC, as well as Yomawari: Night Alone, but the tone was lightened when he dipped back into Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies and put some time into Blazblue Central Fiction.

The only horror show in Kris‘ gaming is going to be the acting performances of sports stars, as he carried on playing The Journey in FIFA 17. He rather likes it, but says the story is pretty light and that the story beats are too obviously telegraphed.

Finally for this week, we have Aran – Dom and Jim’s gaming will have to wait for another time. He’s also gone footballin’ mad, playing Football Manager 17 for our review. Pixel Gear on PSVR was another review, but he got to escape those duties for Sports Bar VR over the weekend – “a stupidly fun time,” he calls it – and finally, he’s just driving around getting collectibles in Mafia III.

But how about you? What have you played this past week?

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  1. First I’ve played Batman 2 on my Vita, which was funny but not sufficiently so to keep my attention for longer than an hour. Then I was quite disappointed by the Lego Star Wars VII demo. There was a stage I just couldn’t get past, and it turned me off quite a bit from trying any of the LEGO games anytime soon again.

    Fortunately, I mostly played and finished SOMA this week. What a fine horror game that is!
    At first I wasn’t very convinced as I didn’t like the beginning too much, and I almost gave up soon, but that would’ve been a terrible shame.
    Very quickly after that the story got really going and I have to say it’s one of the scariest games I’ve ever played. The setting is very immersively implemented, the underwater sections were brilliant, and some encounters in Pathos II were extremely scary. The end was very good too, and some of the questions raised in the game made me think after finishing the game (and might stay with me for a while).
    I’m very tempted to buy the Amnesia:Collection straight away, which is currently on sale when preordering.

    In comparison, Layers of fear which I just started feels like a cheap, non-immersive horror flick with some jump scares.

    • Hurray! Well done for finishing SOMA, the ending is brilliant isn’t it? I did say in my review when it was released that you do end up thinking about the issues raised in the game a long time after it has finished.

      Layers of fear starts of cheap but gets better, decent little game.

      • I just went back to read your review of SOMA, as I sometimes do with games I like after finishing them. I have to say I’m quite impressed, your review of back then was nothing short of excellent, it captures the game so perfectly, without giving anything of the story away.

        I fully agree the ending is brilliant, what a mixture of emotions, unlike anything I’ve seen in a game..!

        What I find impressive is that an independent developer of about 15 people as Frictional Games is, can come up with such an amazing game (visually and story-wise) while other AAA productions just miserably fail in spite of their multimillion budgets. I just decided to get Amnesia:Collection.

  2. I played some more NMS and i’ve put a few hours into RotTR which is great so far, not as visually impressive as UC4 but still holds it’s own. I have to say though, i played the Blood Ties mission first – i enjoyed it more than Gone Home but i can’t say i would be chomping at the bit to play it again in VR.

    Also played a little of Tomorrow Children now that it’s ftp, afraid i’m still not feeling it so far.

  3. Finished Rise of the Tomb Raider, which I found a little underwhelming tbh. Certainly not as good as the previous game. The best bit was probably the Baba Yaga DLC. Glad I played it, but after such a long wait, I was disappointed.

    Have now moved on to The Order 1886, which I picked up for 99p on eBay! This is another one I wanted to play through. Again, it’s not great. Too much story and not enough game. Pretty much all cut scenes and QTEs. Does ‘look’ really good though.

    Finally, pre-ordered Watch Dogs 2 from Smyths Toys for £36, which I thought was a good price. Got a while to wait for that one though.

  4. Fallout 4 and all the DLC for cheap, so that’ll be entertaining me for a while. Kind of putting me off the Skyrim remaster, since obviously Bethesda haven’t learnt any lessons with the PS4 and it’s full of weird bugs and horrible framerates.

    And I picked up Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2, which is obviously lots of fun.

    I’ll play some new games soon. Maybe. Possibly World of Final Fantasy for my birthday next week.

    Oh, and The Tomorrow Children is weird. Online co-op queueing simulator. Strangely fascinating to see everyone working together without any communication though.

  5. I got the platinum out of Playroom VR this, which I know somebody here beat me too but I’ll wait for the what we played before I reveal it. Also add it’s Halloween I played Costume Quest 2 which I’ve been promising myself to finish (I can only play it at Halloween time) for the last 3 years, I’m going to do it this year I promise…

  6. Decided to play FF7 and I reached a very sad scene on disc one. I cried a lot because of it and it is easily one of the best saddest scenes i’ve ever seen.

    If you excuse me, I’ve gotta look at porn to earn back my man card of manliness and fight bears with rusted swords.

  7. This week a bit of everything a bit of Batman Arkham Asylum,some Dragons Quest Builders and Resogun,some multiplayer with R1MJAW and Forrest on Riptide and Division with Forrest and Toutski and GTAV with Forrest heedbaw and R1M on Thursday night and Friday night for a little with R1M and heedbaw,quite a bit of Battlefield 1.

  8. I’ve been playing a bit of GTA Online here and there, just to chip away at a few trophies and levels whilst working towards level 50. On Thursday I installed Ratchet and Clank, downloaded the patch, started the game and then immediately had a power cut!! Whilst I was hungover too!!! My Vita absolutely saved the day, over a few hours I played bita of a dozen games, it’s still a brilliant little machine.

  9. PS+ running out early November so blitzed my free copy of Resi Remastered. Got a Jill and Chris play through out the way and should have my 3 hour play through finished tonight.
    Despite its faults its still my favourite game of all time.

    Continuing with the Resi theme I also picked up RE0 in the Halloween sale :-)

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