Driveclub Receives Urban Tracks Update, VR Tracks Added To Base Game

Sony has confirmed that Driveclub players will be getting the Urban Tracks update today which brings the Driveclub VR’s courses to the regular game. There are a total of fifteen tracks across five locations with the number including the reverse options for each. The locations are Gujo in Japan, Bryggen in Norway, Ashii in India, Port of Vancouver in Canada, and Iquique in Chile. This also marks the final update that standard Driveclub will receive.

The patch size is over 5GB.

Source: Twitter/GAF


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    • I agree wholeheartedly.

      • Yeah :) Don’t know what happened to my text. It should have read: All the new tracks are pretty good, definitely worth trying.

  2. Only 5GB, yet the 45GB i have free on my hdd wasn’t sufficient to download it! :/
    Oh well, goodbye to plus content i might never get around to playing and hello new tracks!

    • Urgh, that is annoying. Time for a hard drive update?
      Good DC news, looking forward to trying the new tracks out!

    • Maybe Sony wants to convince you to buy the Pro..? ;o)

    • The rule seems to be take the space used for the current install, add how much you need for the entire updated game, multiply by some entirely random factor, and if that’s more than X GB, you get an error (where X is possibly some percentage of the disc size, or something more complicated, possibly related to the phase of the moon or some such other shit)

      Or to put it another way… a 3 year old PS4 will always have less space than necessary.

      I need something over 100GB free, but I’ve got a 2TB drive in there.

      • There’s also a rumour you can fix the install space issue by rebuilding the database (from the PS4 safe mode – power off, press and hold the power button for 7 seconds until it beeps a second time)

        That may take “several hours” though. Or possibly many minutes.

        It can’t hurt to try. Unless you select the wrong option and wipe the whole disc – so whenever you do anything like that, always read the option you think you’re selecting 3 times.

      • Before rebuilding the database I would backup to an external hard drive, but even with USB3 it can take hours. Just did a backup and at first it said it would take 34 hours then after a few minutes it decided it would take 4 hours. Didn’t check to see how much data is on my 1TB drive.

      • There shouldn’t be any need to backup first. Rebuilding the mysterious “database” won’t delete anything. Quite what it does is anybody’s guess. It may be some sort of defragging thing, which shouldn’t be destructive (it’s just shuffling bits around on disc to keep them all together).

        One thing it will do that might be a bit annoying is it deletes the recent games history. So you’ll suddenly be staring at a bunch of random icons that aren’t what you were playing before. And those notifications you get with a new PS4 telling you all about exciting features? It resets those, so they’ll pop up for a bit to annoy you.

        But it doesn’t delete any games or saved data, and may help with the tiny updates needing massive amounts of space. If it really is just a defrag tool, it could possibly leave you with more free space.

      • Yeah there shouldn’t be any need to backup but it’s better to be safe than sorry. It might just corrupt an essential bit of data.

    • I’ve considered a hdd upgrade but the speedy install(re-install) process has helped me hold off so far. Might buy a large hdd when PS4 is nearing end of it’s cycle, then fill it with my favourites.

      • Try the database rebuild thing then.

        I gave it a go on mine. Dozens of updates happened the next day. It looks suspiciously like they didn’t happen before due to a lack of space, but failing to update was reserving some space as well, even after they failed.

        Rebuilding the database fixed that, and everything updated. Multiple games updating at once seems to cause problems too. The last update failed due to a lack of space, but once all the others succeeded, it did it straight away.

        So, rebuild the database, and make sure everything is up to date and you might not have space issues.

  3. Time to back to good old Driveclub, especially as I didn’t like the Driveclub VR demo too much…

  4. Just a thought – I wonder if there’s support for PS4 Pro buried in there as well?

    • Afaik, there won’t be PS4 Pro update for standard version but the VR version will be enhanced on Pro.

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