Sony’s PlayStation 4 Platinum Wireless Headset Delayed Until Next Year

Sony’s own PlayStation branded headsets are some of the best you can buy for the PS4 right now, and one of the fresh announcements from September’s PlayStation Meeting was a new, higher tier device, the Platinum Wireless Headset. Originally planned for release before the end of this year, it’s now been delayed until January 2017.




There’s a distinct premium over the Gold Wireless Headset you can currently buy for around £65, with preorders placing it at £129.99. For that extra money, there’s a much classier design, which ditches the moulded rubbery look in favour of a metal headband with suspension strap, and shinier earcups with more clearly defined buttons. While it hooks into the same system software and audio profiles and virtualises 7.1 audio, it features 50mm drivers instead of 40mm, and there’s an array of microphones that allow for noise cancellation – it’s not 100% clear if this is just for chat audio or also affects what you yourself are hearing.

The problem is that Sony haven’t really made any of that clear. Until I started digging into it and reading between the lines, I was struggling to see where that doubling in price was being justified.

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  1. I thought about getting these but, like you say, it’s not clear about the benefits are over the Gold ones. Instead I went for the Turtle Beach Stealth 520, cheaper than the Platinum with true 7.1 surround.

    • Nope, those aren’t really 7.1. Just as with the Platinums, there’s a single 50mm driver in each ear.

      • Yeah your right, I meant uses the true “DTS™ audio codec.

        What I should have put is that the Stealth 520 uses the “DTS™ Surround Sound signal to produce the 7.1 effect for games, movies etc while the Platinum headset doesn’t, they “will provide 3D audio for PS games that support 3D audio” but not for movies or anything else played/streamed through the ps4.

  2. I have the playstation 2.0 which can’t be used with the PSVR for some reason, but they do sound just as nice on a PC though.

    • PSVR audio has to go out through the little remote on PSVR’s cable, because the processor box can’t pipe audio back to the PS4 without then adding in lag. You can use your headphones if you dig out a 3.5mm cable, though.

    • I’ve tried both the included in-ear headphones and my over-ear Stealth 520’s with the PSVR. Although the included headphones are good I very much prefer the sound from the Stealths. To me they have a richer sound with more depth.

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