[Update: Fixed!] Some People Can’t Download This Month’s PlayStation Plus Game

Update: Sony have tweeted that this should now be resolved. Obviously, if it’s still being a bit poo and not letting you download, you should complain at them some more.

There seems to be a bit of a problem with Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture, one of the free games in this months PlayStation Plus offerings. Specifically, that some people cannot download it.

Sony gave a further update which, well, wasn’t very helpful.

However there is a workaround, but it doesn’t seem to work for everyone.

Source: Twitter 1/2/3

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  1. I didn’t try EGttR as i already bought it previously. But, Tower of Monsters is working like a trial version for me, only allowed me 15 minutes play before asking me to pay for the full game.

    • I’ll try T.o.M. again tonight.

  2. Seems to be working for me now – didn’t earlier.

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