There’s A PlayStation Colouring In Book, And It Looks Great

From what I gather, there’s a bit of a craze for colouring in books, these days. Some people love to get away from the internet, work, the stresses of life, and meticulously colour between the lines, potentially putting their own spin on how a character or scene should look. And now you can do just that with a host of popular PlayStation characters, from Kratos and Nathan Drake to Wipeout and Lemmings.

Nate does look a bit odd, though…

The book’s out today from Kings Road Publishing, available at Amazon or a variety of book stores for £9.99, and apparently contains a total of 96 pages. I hope you’ve got enough pencils!

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  1. Oooh, I want one.

    No, wait. I don’t. I’m 44 years and 12 months old today. So a colouring book seems a bit inappropriate.

    I’ve got some cake though, so I’m happy.

    • Happy 45th Birthday MrYd have a good one ;)

      • Not 45! 44 and 12 months :P It’s the polite way of putting it.

      • Hah, happy non birthday then! Hope you’re having a goodun’.

      • lol Oops my bad :D Enjoy.

    • Happy birthday kid! ;)

    • Happy Thirty-fifteenth birthday!

      • Yes, that sounds even better. I like that one.

  2. When I read the headline I was thinking of an app or game played on the PS4 not an actual book. But the book makes more sense.

    • How does it make more sense? It’s a colouring book, presumably aimed at adults (because it’s got characters like Kratos in)

      In what way do adult colouring books make any sense??

      Unless it’s some sort of sexy adult colouring book, possibly aimed at couples who want to bring some excitement into the bedroom with the addition of coloured pencils. Or crayons. Or paint, I guess, but that’s just going to get messy. Probably. Assuming you’re doing it right.

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