Something For The Weekend – 05/11/16

November has arrived, and that means the PS4 Pro is only a few days away. Will you be getting one on Thursday, or are you content with your current PS4?

In the News This Week

Games in Review

Quite a busy week at TSA Towers for the reviews!

This Week’s Features

It was a quieter affair with the previews. However, Stefan did manage to get his hands on Gran Turismo Sport on the PS4 Pro, which he says looks fantastic. He also says it’s even better than Driveclub on PSVR, with less pop-in. It certainly sounds like it will be worth the wait.

The other previews focused on one of the biggest games of the year. Just ahead of our review, he looked at how Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare heads to uncharted areas with the single player campaign set in space, and also asks whether Modern Warfare’s multiplayer still holds up after all these years.

Finally, this week’s What We Played featured COD, Doom and Football Manager 17.

Trailer Park

Killing Floor 2 Open Beta Weekend Starts Tomorrow, PS4 PRO Trailer Released
What are your thoughts on the beta so far?

Mass Effect: Andromeda Trailer Is An Advert To Join The Initiative
Expect a new trailer on N7 Day, which is on Monday.

God Wars Future Past Debut Trailer Released

Your Achievements

Youles added two platinums to his trophy cupboard this week, namely FIFA 17 and Virginia. Not content with bringing his tally up to 111, he polished off The Division DLC to retain his 100% trophy completion.

Meanwhile, Andrewww is on his ‘horror binge’ as he puts it, which means he completed  Layers of Fear, and now moves on to Here they Lie. I guess he certainly got into the Halloween spirit!

And lastly, tactical20 completed both The Order 1886 and Firewatch.

The Week Ahead

It’s a relatively quiet week for releases, but only in comparison to the last couple of weeks!

  • Eagle Flight – PSVR – 9/10
  • Harvest Moon: Skytree Village – 3DS – 9/10
  • Playstation 4 Pro – 10/11
  • Dishonoured 2 – PS4, XBO, PC – 11/11

Enjoy your weekend, and I’ll be back again in a couple of week’s time. Bye!



  1. No. For I do not own a PS4. I own a PS3 and naturally, am an inferior type of gamer. :P

    Also, is there any plans to overhaul the forums? Kinda deader then Hello Games’s chances of being invited to parties.

    Think a new SPam measure needs to be put in place as it is rarely a week where we don’t get spam.

    • Hello games own a PS4, they’ll get an invite :P

      • But it turned out that they just owned the box and forgot to get completed product. :P

  2. Unlikely. Just read without a 4k display it almost takes a magnifying glass to spot any differences with the Pro. And I’m happy with my full HD beamer projecting an image diagonal of about 3m.
    The Pro may make more of a difference with PSVR, and 1TB would definitely be welcome, as I constantly have to delete stuff from my HD. I’ll see what the reviews of the Pro will be.

    • 3m!!! I just got a creaky old uni projector off a skip and I was fairly pleased with my 80cm PS3 picture, but 3m is another level of amazing! I’m jealous :)

      • Yeah, I can’t really complain, I know… :o)
        But I had to defend ‘my’ wall several times already against other family members suddenly coming up with strange ideas about it…

    Call of duty can do one this year..
    infinite warfare regardless of the modern warfare re-moisten is proper bad.
    BETA My ARSE……still the same spawn die spawn die shite and COD 4 apart from a bit of spit and polish is showing its age no wall running,no boost jumps no sliding.

    • I’m guessing you are disapppointed with it.

    • “no wall running,no boost jumps no sliding.”

      You just listed what’s great about COD4! All that nonsense is what spoilt COD for me, it’s getting more and more like Unreal Tournament or Quake with each instalment :-(

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