[UPDATE] Trackmania Turbo Gets Free VR Update For PSVR, Oculus Rift & HTC Vive

One of my first experiences of VR came with a short demo of Trackmania Turbo in VR, behind the scenes at last year’s Gamescom. Now everyone can give it a go, with a free update to the game that adds VR support to the game for PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.


The update brings 40 exclusive VR tracks spread across the game’s four different environments, but if you have VR and don’t have the game, fear not, as there’s also a free four track demo around the Rollercoaster Lagoon and Canyon Grand Drift environments.

And if you don’t have VR, well the main game’s pretty damn good as well…

UPDATE: Here’s me (Tuffcub) whizzing around in VR. It’s rather good and some of the tracks are proper rollercoasters.

Watch live video from on www.twitch.tv

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  1. Woohoo!

  2. Can this even be playable?
    I love Trackmania, and in theory VR support sounds fab, but damn…

    • Great news but I was thinking the same, I’m sure it’ll be vom-inducingly intense, probably good idea to cling film the controller and pop a bucket on the floor. Regardless, good to hear they’re progressing from their excellent red/cyan 3D glasses support, good work Nadeo.

      • I’ll give it a try this evening and update this post with my thoughts.

        But yes, it could be vom.

      • Tuffcub taking one for the team.
        I salute you!

        The problem for me, the one time I experienced VR induced queasiness, wasn’t about barfing – because I didn’t – but I was knocked out for several hours after. It sits deep.
        If you could spew and then feel fine again, that would be less of a problem.

        Not that I fancy a good hurl, but atleast you woudl get it over and done with.

      • I think I know what you mean, I used to get travel sickness from reading in cars when I was a kid and nothing but time made it go away, I’m guessing VR motion sickness is similar. If it is, I wonder if anti sea sickness tablets would help?

  3. Very good, I liked the demo back then, and the loopings in VR must really be cool..! :o)
    Will tempt me getting the game finally…

  4. Looks like I picked up PSVR just in time!

  5. Thanks for the video TC, absolutely hilarious watching you go ‘ooh’ and ‘whoah’! It’s clever how the tracks are pretty much straight lines, probably for the best that we don’t see the regular tracks in VR, I think I’d have a permanently empty stomach. This little sample looks good fun though.

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