Look At The Different Shades Of Brown In The Remastered Assassin’s Creed Games

It’s time for one of those comparison videos that shows the difference between the PlayStation 3 and the new, sexy, PlayStation 4 version of a game, or games in the this case as it is for The Ezio Collection. Whilst there is a clear improvement in textures and visual fidelity, the main change seems to be the shade of brown used in each scene. That’s probably down to some extra lighting or post processing shenanigans.

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  1. Any idea whether this will get the Pro treatment?

    • Was just thinking of all the potential shades of brown you can see in HDR…

      • Unfortunately, the pantone book on my desk doesn’t seem to cover HDR to find out. I need a Pantone Pro.

  2. I’m an AC fan, even enjoyed Unity & Syndicate, but can’t see myself going back to these if I’m honest. One playthrough was enough.

  3. They look great. Really looking forward to replaying them all again. Not so much looking forward to collecting 6,000 feathers. Although, I suppose it could be worse… they could start to fly away when you get close to them like they introduced later in the series (so annoying).

    It’s a shame we aren’t getting a new AC game this year because, even with all their flaws, I still enjoyed every single one of them. Even Unity…

    • Arrgggh! Chasing after those bloody sea shanties!

      It was Black Flag that introduced that annoying feature, wasn’t it? They all merge into one big game. Which is probably why a year off might be a good thing.

      And yes, I enjoyed them all. Even Black Flag and it’s ridiculous sailing nonsense. Nice sailing around with the weather and the sea shanties, ruined by the terrible combat.

      Not as bad, however, as that awful tower defense bit in whichever Ezio game it was.

      Mind you, Syndicate was the best in a long time, and that didn’t have a year off. And they let Bear McCreary do the music for the Jack the Ripper DLC. Let him do the music for everything, because he never disappoints.

      • Agreed… That Tower Defence nonsense was utter sh*te! Whatever were they thinking?

  4. Any chance, this being a Ubisoft game, that the video has been enhanced in post production? I wouldn’t trust that lot to tell me the weather let alone publish a game honestly.

  5. Wow, this is truely the rebirth of the AC franchise. Look at the graphics. That will solve all the fatigue the franchise has.

    Yeah, I don’t really care for the obvious improved graphcs. It will be rather erm…. I don’t want to say outdated as the controls were decent and the combat was decent but AC3 onwards is where the standard was set and I can see people not playing it due to the simple combat/counterspam/GOSHDARNIT!IDIDN’TMEANTOKILLTHATPERSON!/Oh, they resolved that issue/TOWERDEFENCE!?OHKISSMYASS!/Thankgodtheymademoderndayoptional/stevengotcarriedawaywiththis.

  6. Honestly, after AC1 and AC2 I’ve had more than my share of this series, so not going to bother with this collection

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