Overwatch’s Latest Update Adds Sombra, The Arcade, And Antarctica Map

Overwatch’s newest update is currently rolling out and it is adding the new hero Sombra to the roster list, along with a new map called Ecopoint: Antartica which is part of the new Arcade. The Arcade has various modes that aren’t part of other rotations, with these modes including  1 on 1 duels 3 vs 3 matches, and various alternate rulesets like no hero switches. Sombra is a character that can hack enemies to disrupt their abilities and also make things like health packs useless. She has the ability to travel to another point almost instantly via her translocator item, and can become invisible using a Thermoptic Camo, though she will be discovered if damage is taken.

There’s a whole host of changes, fixes, and tweaks that have been added to Overwatch. These include character buffs and debuffs as well as bugs that affected the gameplay. You can view the whole list below.



Source: Reddit

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