Rainbow Six Siege To Receive Another Year Of Support

Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege has been somewhat of a sleeper hit, it didn’t get particularly good reviews  but since launch it has been tweaked and patched with a constant stream of content, and with a price cut it has gone onto gain over ten million players.

With such a large and active user base it’s no surprise that Ubisoft are going to continue their support for the game for another year, although they have not revealed exactly what that will be, presumably more DLC including maps, characters and patches.


Source: Twitter / Reddit

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  1. I avoided it after they dropped the single player, but the support it’s had as made me think twice about getting it. Hopefully the next R6 game is a true one with single player, Patriots looked so good which is what annoyed me the most.

  2. Awesome, awesome news! Other than new maps, characters, skins and the like, I’m hoping for new situations including co-op support for the existing ones.

  3. I think the support for this game so far has been fantastic. The way they do DLC a week early for season pass holders but then free for all I think is brilliant! Stops players being isolated into sub-groups and keeps the community together :)

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