Rainbow Six: Siege’s Operation Red Crow Receives Trailer Ahead Of Release

Operation Red Crow is coming to Rainbow Six: Siege tomorrow, November 17th, and Ubisoft has released a trailer to show the content players will receive. As is the format with these updates there will be two new operators and a new map, with Red Crow’s being Skyscraper set in Japan. The two characters are Hibana and Echo with it appearing that they are members of an elite Japanese police unit.


New equipment includes the X-Kairos launcher that has the ability to fire breach pellets, and the Yokai drone the emits an ultrasonic burst to disorient opponents. Ubisoft also states there are a number of bug fixes and improvements, with a handy list here that shows the details.

Source: Youtube

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  1. Everything seems to be in order. I’ll be trying this when I get home from work in a few hours, can’t wait!

    • It’s all pretty decent. The fact that no one knows the new map has made everyone a lot more cautious and prone to mistakes, and in other words, it’s catching out those who partially rely on their knowledge of the map for their skill rather than other aspects. Excited for what might come in the future too, it’s a solid game.

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