Doom, Fallout 4, And Skyrim Tables To Launch On Zen Pinball 2

The latest DLC pack for Zen Pinball 2 and Pinball FX2 includes a trio of tables inspired by Bethesda. Each table includes areas where you can get stuck in the map, numerous crashes, and NPC’s who float off in to the distance.*

You will also be able to create your on mods (not available on PS4), subscribed to a DLC pack that will gain a sudden price increase a few months after launch, and take an arrow to the knee. The pack includes a weekly 6gb update to fix bugs, completely free!**



Source: Zen Blog
* This is a lie. All of it.
** This is not a lie. Oh alright it is. No one lets me have any fun anymore. Humph.

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  1. I enjoy playing on real pinball tables but never seem to get on with virtual ones, I find that the flippers are a bit unresponsive or just don’t feel right. I haven’t tried Zen 2 or FX2 so don’t know what they are like.

    • They are free to download and come with a table or two to get your started, so worth a look.

    • If you enjoy real pinball tables, Zen Pinball (or FX2 for XBox) might not be the best thing. They’re not based on real tables and do strange things that real tables couldn’t. But they’re all quite fun anyway.

      Pinball Arcade might be the better bet. Except there’s 50 tables for that (and 5 more not released on PS4 yet). But they’re all licensed and recreated as perfectly as they could be. (Even emulating the code that runs on the real machines?)

      Only problem is, at £3.99 a table, it gets expensive. Or £24.99 for each of the 5 season passes. Then again, £124.95 for 50 tables is cheaper than the real thing, I guess.

      • Cheers guys, I’ll checkout the demo to see what it’s like.

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