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The Option To Stream Xbox One Games To Oculus Rift Goes Live On December 12th

Microsoft has announced the next step in its partnership with Oculus stating that from December 12th people will be able to stream Xbox One games directly to the headset. The rather simply named Xbox One Streaming to Oculus Rift app will allow people to link their Xbox One consoles to the Rift headset over the same network, which in turn will mean you can play your Xbox One game while wearing the Rift.

This doesn’t mean VR versions of Xbox One titles but instead viewing the games on a screen in one of three environments. These environments are Citadel, Retreat, and Dome. Some screens of what Rift users would see in this mode have been released and you can view them below.


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  1. Bit pointless and naff ain’t it? I mean, who gets a VR device then elects to stream X1 games on it? Surely, it’ll cause more issues due to the nature of games and the state of VR being difference elements. Gears of War in VR is bound to cause eye strain due to the quick pace gameplay. Halo, pretty sure that could create discomfort as well, you’re doing an inception.

    Just a bit of a naff idea.

    Man,one of these days, i will turn into Victor Meldrew. O_O

    • I guess there is the convenience of playing on a big “virtual” screen, while not having the space or cash for a real one..

      Although, in my experience with the Vive, the picture quality isn’t as good as a normal screen, so it is a bit pointless once the novelty wears off.

    • It’s actually cool playing some games on a large virtual screen.
      I like that you can connect anything to PSVR via HDMI and use its cinema mode.

    • It’s not pointless from a marketing point. the headline implies if you buy Xbox one, you can do virtual reality will sell consoles, however pointless it actually is in practice.

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