ARK: Survival Evolved Releases On December 6th For PS4

Recently there was confirmation that dinosaur survival game ARK: Survival Evolved has passed the certification process for PS4, and now Studio Wildcard has announced that the game will be available on PS4 from December 6th in what it is calling the ARK: Survivor’s Pack. This pack will bundle together the base game as well as the Scorched Earth expansion. According to the press release the game will be available for North American PS4 owners and will cost $54.99. It could be that ARK is currently going through certification in Europe.

There will be a constant stream of content in the form of new dinosaurs and equipment until Ark’s full launch in Spring 2017. In Ark you need to learn to survive on a world where dinosaurs have not gone extinct. You’ll start with nothing and need to hunt for food, craft items, build a shelter, and eventually tame different dinosaurs that will help you in surviving the world. You can join tribes of other players to share loot and get some protection from opposing players. The Scorched Earth expansion makes things tougher as water becomes a rarer substance to get and you need it to survive, along with adding additional creatures.


Ark is still an early access title so be aware of that before putting your money down.

Source: Press Release

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