Final Fantasy XV Topped 5 Million Sales In A Day

After the doom and gloom of a number of high profile games drastically missing their target sales, there’s been some hugely successful game released for Japanese RPGs. First Pokémon Sun & Moon set new series records, and now Final Fantasy XV has been announced to have sold 5 million copies in its first day on sale.

This figure includes both physical and digital copies of the game, making it the fastest selling game in the long running series – that might have something to do with the simultaneous worldwide release, though.


We’re still working on our review of the game, but here’s some of Dom’s first impressions. Seeing as there’s so many of you who bought it, how have you been enjoying your time so far?

Source: Square Enix (Google Translate) via Eurogamer

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  1. So far, it deserves the massive sales. Still only on chapter 3 (out of 14, possibly), and it’s improving.

    It’s a strange start, basically just being 4 goths on a road trip. But they grow on you quickly, and there’s lots to explore and far too many sidequests to get in the way of the main story.

    And then it really gets fun. Some of the hunts involve huge beasts, which are a lot of fun. Dungeons are nicely designed and ramp up the difficulty (also turning off the manual save option). And all the different systems start to fall into place and the battles reveal themselves to be much more than just hold circle to kill enemies. (My top tip would be to turn on wait mode. And put the AP into the “happy camper” skill early on)

    I seem to have spent all my money on the soundtracks to previous games though.

    Also, you can get amusing photos of things such as the “Giant Flan Teabagging Incident”

    So far, it more than makes up for Lightning Returns. (I won’t say it needed to be an apology for 13 and 13-2 as well, because I enjoyed those)

  2. I’ll be one of those that waits for the final patch and most of the DLC before I pick this up…although I do await that TSA review…

    • But we waited an extra couple of months so there’s no need for a big update.

      Of course, that didn’t work out quite so well, and there’s a day-one update of over 9GB. No reason to suspect any other updates are required (apart from for the DLC). No problems spotted so far. Unless you believe certain people I won’t name (but it rhymes with Figital Doundry) who are obviously desperate to claim the XBone version is better.

      • Aren’t they adding DLC and promised updates regularly? I’ll wait till they are done doing that.

  3. I tried to play FFXIII a few years ago on the PS3 (my first FF game) and absolutely hated it. Are the FF games all the same or was that just a particularly ‘bad’ one? I loved the movie Spirits Within and hear from others how great the FF games are but I just couldn’t get into FFXIII so it’s put me off even trying the others.

    • Well I loved FFXIII but it did get a lot of hate. They are all similar in the sense of being an RPG with completely OTT fighting, story and characters. But they all feel decidedly different in game play. So much so that if they had different names, reviewers would be saying that one took some inspiration from another.

      Think of Tomb Raider and Uncharted for an example. Different games but have their very obvious similarities.

      • BTW i will just add that I’ve not played this entry in the series other than the demos. Just talking about my experience with other FF games.

  4. I’ve played for a couple of hours and have really enjoyed it. After beating some enemies one of the characters starts humming the old victory music from final fantasy 6 which was quite amusing. My best advice would be to watch the film Kingsglaive before playing, much better than some of the critics suggest and gives the game some really good context.

    • I thought Kingsglaive was good too. Heard that recurring characters have different voice actors in the game though which is slightly disappointing. You noticed it much or is it really a non-issue?

      • I didn’t know that and didn’t notice so not an issue for me. Lip syncing was a bit off but I guess that’s just the nature of animated films

  5. I’m 8 hours in and have only just got to chapter 2. Very easy to just wander collecting the little pickups and enjoying the combat and the banter between the guys. Some of the mechanics arent explained much at all (looking at you magic) but looking forward to experimenting.
    I really wasnt sure I would enjoy this one, but so far every thing just feels really grounded and well put together and its very easy just to get drawn in, certainly having watched the Brotherhood anime to get some background and will have to watch Kingsglaive before I get too much further.
    Think I’m going to be spending a lot of time with this one.

  6. It’s not really surprising as FF always sells well and FFXV seems to be winning back fans who gave up the franchise long ago. It does have a unique theme to it. I mean, we don’t really get that many “Tis an adventure.” type RPGs and this seems to be it’s main selling point.

    I, however, don’t feel it is a FF game due to it being too modernish/closer to sci-fi then fantasy. But tis just me and my ol’ fashioned Fantasy ways.

    Heard that it’s plot is average to meh but it’s gameplay is closer to Devil May Cry(Please be the DMC3 type gameplay) then Final Fantasy and magic is kinda underused. Really unsure of what to make of it and i’ve purposely avoided FF15 stuff so when I get me hands on it, I can go into a FF game blind.

    BRING BACK THE THEME. Though, tis just me and me loving the soundtrack of the classic fantasies.

    • Too sci-fi?

      Like bits of FF7 were? Big shiny Shinra HQ? Metaphorical nuclear power? Submarines? Rockets?

      Or FF8? Which had cars and time travel and the whole trip into space?

      The Final Fantasy games have always had sci-fi bits to them. Sometimes it’s more of a steampunk thing, sometimes it’s pure sci-fi. But it’s always been there. And that’s a good thing. Look at the 3 PS1 games. FF9 was the least sci-fi of the 3, and the most fantasy one. And also the worst of the 3.

      And if magic is underused in 15, that’s entirely down to the person not using it. It’s actually quite a neat system compared to the normal fire/fira/firaga thing. But you have to draw elements from the ground (like in FF8) and craft the spells. Mix the magic with other things and you get nice combinations. Dualcast, extra effects, healing when you cast it. And it looks nice too. But you have to be more tactical using it. There’s an ability to get everyone out of the way and heal them, which might be a good time to lob magic about.

  7. Only got my copy delivered yesterday. Played probably 45 mins after the whole tutorial thing. So far so good , different take compared to other FF games in the sense of the battle system. I noticed a few frame drops but that’s probably something fixed in the patch. which I’m waiting for the 9gig to DL.

    Overall it looks bloody amazing.

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