The Escapists Gets Another Free Christmas Map

I got a little tickle of deja vu when I saw this news pop into my inbox, because this is now the second year in a row that The Escapists is getting a free Christmas themed DLC map, and it’s out now!

Last year you were breaking out of Santa’s Sweatshop, and this year’s ‘Jingle Cells’ map picks up right where that one ended. After breaking out of the sweatshop on a sleigh, the escaping elf lost control mid-flight and had to crash land…. right into the middle of the Jingle Cells prison.


With 20 new items and craftables to work with, you’ve got a new festive prison to try and escape from.

It’s nice to see Team17 and Mouldy Toof supporting this game for such a long time, but this might be the last we see added to The Escapists before the release of the recently announced The Escapists 2.

Source: press release

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