EU PS Store Update 06/12/16 – The Last Guardian, ARK & Battlefront Rogue One: VR Mission

It’s here. It’s actually here! For the second week running, a decade-long development cycle has come to an end, with the release of The Last Guardian on PS4. However, that’s not all for fans of huge, near mythical beasts, as ARK: Survival Evolved also makes its way to release on PS4, after a long early access period on PC and Xbox One.

Or maybe you’d rather get yourself all excited for the release of Rogue One, and indulge in the free Star Wars Battlefront – Rogue One: VR Mission. It’s out alongside a fresh Rogue One themed expansion for the multiplayer shooter.


Being the first Wednesday Tuesday of the month, it’s also time to grab the latest goodies on PlayStation Plus:

Here’s the full list of additions in the store update, courtesy of the EU PS Blog:


PS Vita


6th December


Titanfall 2

Star Wars Battlefront

7th December

Rocket League

  • Vulcan


  • Prime Vault Ice Prime Pack
  • Prime Vault Fire Prime Pack
  • Prime Vault Fire & Ice Prime Pack
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  1. The Star Wars X-Wing VR Mission..? Great..! Hope it’s not 20GB to download, will dive straight in tonight..! :o)

    Got my tickets ready for the 15th too, so this will be a good preparation for it… :o)

    • Only about 2gb, I’ve just been staring at the store page longingly, wishing I had VR!!

      • Yeah, only 2GB for the VR Mission, but 9 more GBs for the update apparently required to play it. As my console decided to download something in parallel, which I only realised much too late, it was so slow that now, at midnight it’ll take more than another half hour to download it all… I’m getting EXTREMELY annoyed with this…

        Means no Star Wars for me tonight, tomorrow evening I’ll be out and on Thursday I’ll sell this bloody Sony/EA rubbish or throw it straight out of the window.

  2. “First Wednesday of the month”? Hmmm


  3. That Ark thing is taking the piss. The game isn’t even finished (until “Spring 2017”) and they’ve got £16 DLC for it??

    • Welcome to the uproar in the community. Technically nothing wrong but it feels very wrong in how to look after the existing fanbase.

      • Every time a developer tries something like that, I put their game at the bottom of my long list of “things I’ll get around to playing if it’s on sale sometime, and really, really cheap, and nothing else from developers that aren’t taking the piss is on sale”

        It’s quite a long list.

      • The only thing I can say in their defence is that they had a genuinely crappy time with a lawsuit which I think would have bankrupted them. Ark, itself, was tremendous fun (even in early development) but make sure you check into it as much as you can before picking it up – no matter when that is. :-)

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