Here’s Almost Seven Minutes Of WipEout Omega Collection Footage

One of the surprise announcements during PlayStation Experience was WipEout Omega Collection, which will contain remasters of Wipeout HD, Fury, and 2048. At the time a trailer was released that showed us parts of what the Omega Collection will look like. PlayStation Access has gone further and captured almost seven minutes of gameplay from the game running on a PS4 Pro, and you can watch the footage below.


We don’t know when the collection will be available but it is expected in 2017.

Source: PlayStation Access

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  1. Very pretty! Even though I’ve played through those games several times each I’m more than happy to buy them again. Fingers crossed for some sort of amazing extra treat like the entirety of Wip3out hidden away in some silly menu…

    • Extra treat – Wipeout VR
      Does look really good.

      • No VR

        “Sadly there’s no VR support planned for the Omega Collection. ‘You’d probably need a sickbag if you looked at WipEout in VR now”

      • Yeah, after posting I thought it may not be the best for VR for that reason.

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