Modern Warfare Remastered Gets Its Own Quartermaster, Female Soldiers

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered received a pretty hefty update this week. Alongside six free maps, there are now supply drops and a wealth of personalisation features for fans to sink their teeth into.

A “Depot” option has been added to the main menu and works in a similar fashion to Infinite Warfare’s Quartermaster. Upon being greeted by the rugged looking “Graves” players can spend cash or in-game currency to unlock cosmetic items.

These include calling cards, emblems, and weapon skins, all of which are completely new to Modern Warfare. There are also a number of selectable character models, including several female variants.

Although purists have been quick to complain, it’s great to see Raven Software support the game with more, purely optional, features.

Source: Activision Blog

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  1. Great. I won’t buy this if it now includes stupid fluorescent and cannabis-leaf camos. It no doubt will as it will make them money however it’s supposed to be a remaster not a reboot – clue’s in the title. Idiots – trust a CoD developer to cock things up. It’s no wonder “purists” are having a moan-up.

    On another note, I’m so glad IW seems to have flopped – never seen such a quick price drop for a CoD game; and it’s likely to appear in the 12-days of Christmas PSN sale; and there’s the free-to-play period.

    • Exactly.

      The remaster we’ve all been waiting for….apart from the fact the gameplay feels rather different (in a worse way) and they’ve added things that weren’t originally in the game.

      How hard is it just to give us the 100% exact same game with better graphics? Rather than give us this new content, how about work on getting those DLC maps to the game too, tweaking the game, slowing it down a bit further, increasing hits to kill, changing the spawns back to how they were originally, changing the map voting back to the original in lobbies, allowing us to join a friends FFA again if slots are available and so on.

      Idiots indeed

      • I agree mate. People have been asking for a remaster for SO long, so why change the bloody game. They’ve even changed the emblems that pop up when you get triple-kills etc yet it’s the small details like that that are nostalgic!

        Read one of your previous posts about the multiplayer being faster too. If that’s the case I’ll be hugely disappointed as I hate that “arena shooter” feel of the newer CoDs.

        Perhaps since IW has sold badly, they’ll milk the hell out of MW which will be very sad indeed.

  2. I’m not complaining about the cosmetic items in the supply drops.

    They might be a change to MW, but it won’t make too much of a difference.

    What I am going to complain about is that this is exactly what they did with BO3 Supply Drops, until after a while they added powerful weapons to them turning the game into pay to win.

    It’ll be sad to see MW go the same way.

  3. Oh no, they added the option to play as a female soldier that is just an onscreen avatar and impacts nothing on the game. What a horrible decision. Activision are now bastards for doing this. /Sarcasm. I just know that crowd is going to complain and kick off because *Gasp* Female is now an option to play as.

    Seems like they are either giving up on IW due to it doing well but kinda failing to enjoy the ludicriously sales that Activision are used to and focusing on MW:RM to milk(It’s Activision, they love to milk their cash cows) or they didn’t get the memo about how a Remaster tends to be polishing something up, giving it some minor performance tweaks and releasing for usually a budget price.

    Do we need to get Bluepoint Games to do all remasters? I mean, they seem to be the best at remastering stuff without altering too much. E.g. Metal Gear Solid HD Collection only had a few things altered due to various reasons. Some copyright, the nightmare sequence was removed due to it being a demo that they threw in of another project etc…

    This is being treated as an ordinary COD game in terms of support. Tis good usually but erm.. usually, remasters aren’t locked behind a super duper echo delta RV extreme Dew, Doritos, Bro edition. Kinda gives the impression that they don’t care about IW anymore.

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