ARK Park Coming To PSVR And HTC Vive In 2017

There’s going to be a VR spin off for the rather popular dinosaur game Ark: Survival Evolved, though it may not be what some were expecting. ARK Park seems to be a bit like a take on Jurassic Park, except for the fact the dinosaurs don’t escape from their habitats and try to eat visitors. Instead players will be able to get up close without having to worry, even being able to ride some of the dinosaurs.


You’ll be able to go on different excursions to see different dinosaurs and also partake in gene collection, which is a game in itself. Some creatures will be easy to find and collect from while others will be harder to track and will require using some resource management and puzzle solving to get. There will also be multiplayer excursions and a photo mode.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. Well that’s rubbish, two years ago they said the whole of ARK was going to be PSVR

  2. Some of THE worst voice acting I’ve heard in years. Dear god.

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