Boundless Receives A New Gameplay Trailer

Last year Sony announced that Boundless by Wonderstruck would be heading to the PS4, but very little detail was given about it. Today Wonderstruck has released a number of details and it appears that Boundless is an MMO with grand expectations. Every player will inhabit the same universe though there will be a number of planets to spawn on. From here the vision is of societies arising on each planet with players working together to build towns and cities, eventually working expanding outwards through the game’s universe.


Players may first build their own home and then join a guild for protection. This group could build a village which attracts other players to join. Eventually a village may evolve into a city and should that city be the largest on the planet it will be made the capital. Each player can choose their role from building, resource gathering, running a store, supplying stores with goods. It’s up to you. Of course these are some lofty promises so we’ll have to see how Boundless will pan out.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. Looks like Minecraft meets NMS but sounds like Minecraft meets The Tomorrow Children.

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