Super Mario Run Was Downloaded 40 Million Times In 4 Days

You’re meant to take it steady when you go for a run, but Mario’s sprinted off the line to set a new app store record and be downloaded 40 million times in 4 days. It’s hardly an apples to apples comparison as Run had a worldwide release, but it easily beats the record set by Pokémon Go earlier this year, which took several weeks to pass the same milestone.

We’ll have to see how that affects the stock value of the company, but thus far the markets have been somewhat unimpressed, despite early estimates of millions and millions of downloads and the game topping both the free download and top grossing charts. In fact, since a high point of 29,400 Yen on 12th December, Nintendo’s stocks have dropped down to 24,530 Yen today, losing around a sixth of its value.


Nintendo themselves are somewhat coy about how many people are actually continuing with the game and paying £7.99/$9.99 to unlock the rest of its content, but analysts put this at between 5% and 9%. Honestly, considering how wildly different Nintendo’s strategy is compared to the rest of mobile gaming, that’s pretty damn good.

Source: Nintendo, Apple Insider

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  1. They never mentioned that 39 million + deleted it again 4 mins later :D

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