Rock Band 4’s EU Legacy DLC Export Woes Are Coming To An End In 2017

One of the most ambitious and challenging parts of Rock Band 4 for Harmonix was the promise of retaining all of the legacy DLC from previous games, both with the individual tracks that you could buy as DLC and with the exports that were possible from game discs and track packs.

In the EU, that side of things fell apart on PlayStation 4, but Harmonix have kept plugging away alongside Sony and now have a timetable for when these will be resolved for players.

  • Rock Band 2 – January 2017
  • AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack – February 2017
  • Lego Rock Band – March 2017
  • Green Day: Rock Band – April 2017
  • Rock Band Blitz – April 2017
  • Rock Band 2 – 20 Free Songs – May 2017
  • Rock Band™ Track Pack Vol. 2 – May 2017

It’s dragged out for over a year now, but they are finally getting there. More recently, Harmonix added to Rock Band 4 with the major Rivals expansion pack – reviewed here – including a new single player mode and the first multiplayer modes to be added to the game.

Source: EU Blog

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  1. Oh thank fuck for that, its really taken too long. But at least they’ll be there finally.

  2. So glad they are getting there with it. I love that they have plugged away at the cause and haven’t abandoned it because it hasn’t been a massive seller – but they have won my vote for future purchases with their dedication.

  3. i’ll believe it when i see it.

    and even if they stick to the timetable there, that’s still up to six months for some of it.

    i’ve said it before, and i’m saying it again.
    there is something very wrong with scee, the sheer number of fuck ups, and the length of time they often take to get resolved, and how time after time content gets delayed only when scee are involved.
    once again, not getting resolved for months, years or sometimes never.

    oh, you’re a European player who wants to play Kerbal Space Program on console? i hope you’ve got an XBox.

    thank god scee don’t run anything that’s actually important, if lives depended on them, there would be deaths

  4. I huh? There was a Rock Band game and SCEE cocked it up?

    Er…… Something cynical about SCEE. What? It’s almost christmas, i’m half arsing my comments.

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