Game Of The Year 2016 – Best First Person Shooter

2016 has been an incredibly good year for first person shooters. Certainly there’s been a few duff notes, such as with Battleborn and Homefront: The Revolution, but they had their work cut out for themselves to match up to the likes of Doom, Overwatch, Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1. Not since 2007 has the genre hit quite so many highs.


As a fan of the old school arcade shooters from back in the dawn of 3D gaming, I will always have a soft spot for the likes of Doom. This is mostly to do with the fact that it’s silly, over-the-top, and above all else fun to play.

Realistic shooters have their place, but really it’s tight controls, excellent performance, occasionally tough enemies, and a solid grasp of level design that take Doom to another level. It brilliantly captured the essence of what made Doom Doom. After the more horror focused Doom 3, this was more what the fans were looking for; a rare breed of ultraviolence.

– Dave

Titanfall 2

Put simply, Titanfall 2 is an all round masterclass of first person shooter design from some of the very best in the business. Taking the fast paced multiplayer of the original, Respawn Entertainment polished, tweaked and added to their game in perhaps small but meaningful ways.

However, what stands out is the excellent single player campaign that blends the flexibility of traversing on foot, rapid combat and the sheer power of piloting your loveable Titan companion, BT-7274. You’re constantly shifting gears, but so is the campaign as a whole, which constantly introduces new ideas, from that time travel level through to one of my favourite twists on the classic room breach sequence.

Needless to say, Titanfall 2 hasn’t sold anywhere near as many copies as it deserves to.


Blizzard’s reputation for quality software is undeniable, and with the release of shooter Overwatch they further cemented their place amongst the elite of the development world. Boasting a range of characterful heroes and villains – each of which could probably front their own game – it’s simply remarkable how laser-focussed the overall design of the game is. From the tight yet playable maps through to the wonderfully balanced line up of characters and abilities, and how it all gels together in a way that effortlessly pushes you to play as a team, it’s all been put together with an eye for detail that is sorely lacking from so many titles.

The drip feed of new skins and character customisations is probably more satisfying than it should be, but somehow it’s perfectly weighted to feel rewarding without forcing you to buy Loot Boxes with real money. Additionally, 2016 has already seen a number of special events covering the Olympics, Halloween and Christmas, and 2017 promises to be just as satisfying with new characters, maps and events liable to keep you playing for another twelve months.


The winner of our 2016 award for Best First Person Shooter is:

Runners up in alphabetical order:

  • Battlefield 1
  • Destiny: Rise of Iron
  • Doom
  • Titanfall 2
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  1. Gotta pick up Doom. Hear nothing but good things and it’s cheap everywhere now.

  2. No Call of a Duty? How times have changed yet?
    Overwatch is brilliant, well my son has put countless hours into it anyway, I enjoy playing it with him.
    Titanfall 2 is outstanding, both single and multi player.
    Destiny was ruined by too much tinkering from Bungie.
    Doom is on my list of will pick it up one day.
    Battlefield 1 isn’t for me, can’t be dealing with historical shooters.

  3. Having played a lot of shooters online and offline, I genuinely don’t get the love for Overwatch. I’ve come across far better shooting mechanics and chemistry, whilst the game has polish and is very diverse yet balanced, it doesn’t make for a game that is fun for me.

    Doom and TF2 have definitely been highlights, although the latter’s multiplayer is dulled down a bit from TF1.

    • Same here with Overwatch. I bought it at full price after buying into the hype, but found it so lacking in modes and it just got boring, even when I was doing well.

      Long term support is great but to me it’s just a way to release an unfinished game and get praised for adding content to it in the following months.

      Just got Titanfall 2 and whilst the multiplayer has a few disappointing changes, it’s still very enjoyable.

  4. Not a fan of FPS games in general but I’ve found myself drawn to both Doom and Overwatch this year. Both are a big “up yours” to the established FPS mainstays.

  5. Unsurprising that Overporn won as it has the most unique identity. Colourful cast, varied one and the porn overshadowed it. Mmm, Tracer’s ass…. huh? Oh, back to commenting.

    Doom should have been a disaster. A decade long development, got revised several times and yet, it avoided that! It ripped and teared it’s way to the game it is and knew what it wanted to be. It is Doom on steroids. Only, it’s the demons that are on steroids as Doomguy doesn’t give a **** about fighting fair. It showed FPSes how to be great. I would have given it the best FPS of 2016 due to it being an old school FPS suceeding in the modern day and not giving a flying **** about doing modern stuff.

    Also, Doomguy is even more angry then Kratos.

    OverWatch? Microtransactions cost it the award if it was up to me. Hate the idea of microtransactions beyond cosmetic stuff that has no affect on the gameplay.

    • But does Overwatch have microtransactions that go beyond cosmetic stuff that has no affect on gameplay though? I thought not?

      • It does not. It’s all cosmetic, nothing that affects core gameplay.

  6. I had a proper go at BF1 at a relatives over the holiday and I’m quite impressed. It’s come a long way since the beta and really does feel quite different to previous games. Fingers crossed it won’t be too long until it goes on sale on Origin as the single player is also something I really want to play through.

  7. Doom was the first game in a long time that got me to put down Destiny. I loved the soundtrack and how it built the atmosphere and tension the way no game has done for me since the final mission of Halo 3.

    I find Overwatch is fun with friends, but not with randoms.

    Titanfall 2 is an amazing game that came out at the wrong time for me. Too much work and family responsibility has meant I’ve not given this the time it deserves.

  8. If we’re talking PvP then I’d agree with Overwatch, SP on the other hand I’d give to Titanfall 2, a short campaign that’ll live long in the memory.

    • Overall as a shooter here. Funnily enough, Titanfall 2 won Best Single Player and Overwatch won Best Multiplayer, so it was a pretty straight up fight from there, and Overwatch came out ahead for us.

  9. It’s Overwatch for me, too. Where most of 2016’s shooters will be (unfairly) forgotten as we breeze through next year, Overwatch will remain in the spotlight. That kind of staying power is why it’s top of this list. Don’t get me wrong, I simply loved Titanfall and DOOM was a good crack, though neither has hooked me as sorely as Overwatch.

    I understand some of the complaints here but Overwatch is markedly different from your conventional shooter. Those COD-style lone wolf tactics won’t get you anywhere – it’s a strictly team based affair and one that had just as much character synergy than a MOBA.

    This also applies to the game modes. Overwatch simply wouldn’t work as a deathmatch shooter, though Blizzard have continued to add some new experimental modes to its “Arcade” playlist. Although there’s a common thread, each map feels like its own enclosed scenario, calling for different character picks, positioning etc.

    TL;DR – Overwatch rules. Blizzard don’t f**k about.

  10. BF1 looks stunning, Operations mode is a typically grand Battlefield invention.

    And I have an ever growing urge to play Titanfall 2 for the single player, well done Respawn.

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