[UPDATE] Detroit *NOT* Confirmed For 2017 As Sony Preview This Year’s Exclusives

Detroit: Become Human, Knack 2 and Dreams has been confirmed for release this year as part of a new highlight reel showing off the exclusive games heading towards PlayStation 4. It also includes Gran Turismo Sport, Hellblade, and Drawn To Death, which has languishing in development hell for quite some time.


UPDATE: Sigh. Thanks Hazelam.

Source: YouTube (thanks TSBonyman)

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  1. Plenty of games to go at in 2017 by the look of things!

    • Oh for crying out loud, what a ridiculous mistake. Given that Spiderman, GoW4, TLoU 2, and Detroit will probably release 2018, that only leaves GT Sport as the point of interest this year. They really need to release it, if they dare delay until 2018 they’re taking the biscuit.

      • “…that only leaves GT Sport as the point of interest this year.”

        OK then…

    • Damn, hopefully there’s still a small chance they might make it even if not yet confirmed.

      • It could be a “it’s aiming for this year but nobody was supposed to say anything yet” type mistake? If you don’t announce a date, it can’t be delayed.

      • hopefully they’ll be this year, so long as they’re actually finished.
        i’d know i’d rather they released them later than release an unfinished game, i think we’ve all seen what happens when they do that.

      • A finished game without any day one patches? You sicken me, Hazelam! You are one sick disgusting gamer! A finished game!? Gah, it’s people like you that ruin gaming! :P *goes back to waiting for 90billion patches to install*

  2. Good video that, some things I’ve never heard of in there and some things that look like they could be good. Wonder how many will turn out to be good though?

  3. But where will we get our EMOTIONSZ from in 2017? Without Detroit:Become Human, where will we get our share of a QTE based game? 2017 is ruined now! #feckSony. :P

    Joking aside, I may treat it as I did with Beyond Two Souls. Not pay attention t anything, buy it preowned and discover the game is quite good. Apart from a few parts being filler. I hate filler in games if it’s tedious.

    And Knack 2? There’s the sequel of the year right there! Everyone knows the Knack was the best Exclusive on PS4! It’s up there with Uncharted 4, The Last of Us and other classics!

    Seriously, Knack? That’s getting a sequel? Knack. As in… Knack? The meh game?


  4. Dat PaRappa though¬

  5. So, basically 2017 is the year we all could finally today up our backlogs…

    If there were no Andromeda, RE7, Ghost Recon Wildlands, and all those other games disturbing an otherwise peaceful year… ;o)

    • Why today, you stupid autocorrect…?

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