A Mistaken PC Patch For Forza Horizon 3 Has Been Corrupting Save Files

Playground Games and Microsoft had a little bit of a nightmare to deal with at the start of 2017, as they mistakenly released a patch for Forza Horizon 3 on PC that began corrupting save files and wiping player progress in the process – this does not affect Xbox One gamers, thankfully. The patch has since been removed from the Microsoft Store and a previous version put back up, but it’s another blow to the reputation that Microsoft’s exclusive games currently have on PC.

If you have the game on PC and either have automatic updates turned on or manually updated the game in the last few days, a forum post from the Forza Community Team advises you to check the game’s version number at the launch screen before playing. If you see version number ending with .37.2 on the main menu, do not carry on to play the game, as this can overwrite and corrupt your save file, which is synced online. The correct version number should end with .35.2.

Another sting in the tail is that if you have been updated to .37.2, you will likely have to delete and re-download the entire game. Lucky for me, I only started to download the game on PC last night after this whole debacle had been fixed!

Some of those who did download the patch managed to do a little digging in the game’s files, which seem to have been from an unencrypted debug version of the game, discovering a number of Porsches, including:

  • 356 A – ’56
  • 550 A Spyder – ’56
  • 911 GT2 – ’12
  • 911 GT3RS – ’12
  • 911 Turbo – ’82
  • 911 Turbo S – ’14
  • 918 Spyder – ’14
  • 944 Turbo – ’89
  • 959 – ’87
  • 996 GT3 – ’04
  • Carrera GT – ’03
  • Cayenne – ’12
  • Cayman GTS – ’15
  • Mecan Turbo – ’15

Source: Forza Forum via NeoGAF, Eurogamer

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  1. How do you “mistakenly released a patch”, has someone overdone the new year celebrations?

    • Something could have been improperly labelled, it could have been that a checkbox wasn’t ticked (or was), a well intentioned but misguided intern, or a flock of geese invading Microsoft’s Redmond offices and demanding to know Satya Nadella’s stance on bread.

      Take your pick!

      • I’d opt for the flock of geese explanation after they’d had a ‘gander’ at the size of the download file!!

    • According to GTPlanet, it was a 55gb download that was actually the developer version of the game rather than any kind of patch. Likely someone who was supposed to compile the patch with the dlc content got things topsy turvy, but who knows.

  2. That explains what was eating up space on my SSD last night!
    I’m a bit annoyed I’m going to have to re download the whole game but I suppose it’s better than losing my save and starting again.

  3. The porsches are likely linked to an expansion pass, but the really interesting thing is the other cars which have been dug out. Some solid gems there.

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