Take The Turing Test On PlayStation 4 Later This Month

Having originally released on Xbox One and PC at the tail end of August, Bulkhead Interactive’s first person puzzler The Turing Test is heading to PlayStation 4 later this month on 23rd January.


Fostered by the Square Enix Collective label, which helps to foster independent games, it puts you in control of Ava Turing as she explores a research base on Europa, trying to solve the mystery of why it’s been abandoned and turned into a maze of environmental puzzles ostensibly designed to test whether you’re a human or an AI construct.

In our review of the Xbox One version of the game, we enjoyed the way the story and puzzles evolve through the game. “Lots of thought has clearly gone into how the story plays out,” we wrote, “while the puzzles are designed to teach the player without overtly telling you how a new gameplay mechanic works. […] It’s not without its flaws, but it’s certainly worth a look at for those wanting to scratch that First Person Puzzle itch.”

Source: Bulkhead Interactive

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  1. Good this is finally coming to the platform they can actually sell some numbers of their game. Looks good, going on my wish list.

    However, it just reminds me I still got The Talos Principle lying around untouched, so I already have enough puzzles in my backlog…

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