A Mega Bloks Halo Game Was In Development For Xbox 360

Did you know a partnership between Mega Brands and Microsoft exists based on creating sets and figures based on the Halo series? You can see some of the items they have on sale on the official site, which includes models for the Warthog and various characters from the Halo series. While this is the only way that the partnership currently operates there was once a plan for a Mega Bloks Halo game for Xbox 360, and going by the video below it didn’t look half bad.

PtoPOnline has uncovered footage of the game which was being developed by N-Space in 2013, and it shows that quite a lot of work had been put in before the project was scrapped. Environments have been put together as have character animations, and there is combat involved too.

Who knows what the reception would have been had Mega Bloks Halo released. It would have followed the Halo 4 and by this point Microsoft were shifting focus to the Xbox One.

Source: PtoPOnline

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  1. damn, that looks like it could have been fun.

  2. If i can make an observation, it’s interesting how Microsoft, themselves considered the usurper when they entered the console race, chose to go with the knock-off blocks. :)
    Having said that, this game looks fresher to me than the by-the-numbers Lego template which get’s wheeled out each and every time.

    • i would assume they went with Mega Bloks for the Halo license because Lego don’t tend to license the more violent IPs.
      that’s why Mega Bloks got CoD and Meccano do Gears of War.

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