Final Fantasy XV’s Shipments And Digital Sales Have Topped Six Million Units

It looks like Final Fantasy XV is on the road to success as Square Enix has confirmed that the combined shipment and digital sales figures have topped the six million mark since the game launched in last month, with day one shipments exceeding five million units. While those are great figures for the series it can’t be avoided that Final Fantasy XV isn’t as complete as it could be.

Last month Hajime Tabata confirmed that the team would be fleshing out parts of the main campaign, adding this content as free downloads over the coming months seperate to the the season pass content. There will be a New Game Plus patch was launched just before Christmas along with the Holiday DLC pack.

Source: Press Release

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  1. Someone please explain sales & shipment. Ain’t those 2 different things so why do shipment count to adds sales, are we not counting copies bought by the customer which would fall under sales & wouldn’t shipment be the likes of Amazon, game etc, what square Enix gave them to stock up?

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