The Banner Saga 3 Is Being Worked On By Stoic

Stoic’s The Banner Saga is one of more successful indie titles to have been released within the last few years, bringing a tale of Viking lore wrapped in a tactical RPG. Last year saw the release of The Banner Saga 2 and in Stoic’s own words that hasn’t been as successful as the original game. Still that hasn’t but the developers off and Stoic are intending for The Banner Saga 3 to release at some point, though funding is one of the tougher problems that is rearing its head.

Speaking at Nasscom GDC Stoic’s John Watson had the following to say about funding The Banner Saga 3.


“The Banner Saga 3 is probably gonna cost about $2 million to make – that’s a lot. So maybe we could get $500,000, but when you get investment you’re basically paying it back 3x… That means when we sell The Banner Saga 3 $1 million of extra money goes away [to the investors], as well as giving back the $500k. That would take the pressure off us for sure, a little bit. We would each de-leverage ourselves by $250,000, but when the game ships we’re paying back an extra $1 million.

Is taking investor money gonna make the game sell? Is it gonna make it $1 million more profitable? No. It’ll make it a little bit better; we could spend some of that money maybe doing some more animations, maybe we increase the quality level a little bit. The quality has to reach a certain bar for people to accept it as a sequel, because we set that bar for ourselves. But beyond that it won’t really affect the profitability. It would be a vanity thing. We just want to make it better.”

So it looks like Stoic will be funding development out of their own pocket. The plan has always been to do a third game as Stoic have envisioned The Banner Saga as a trilogy. There’s no window for when it is expected to be released, but The Banner Saga 3 is probably a couple of years away yet.

Source: GamesIndustry

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