DiRT Rally To Get PlayStation VR Upgrade

Codemasters have announced that their hit sim, DiRT Rally, will be getting PlayStation VR support in the near future, making it the second third driving game to be tweaked for VR alongside Driveclub and Trackmania Turbo. The enhancement will cost £9.99 if you already have the game, or a new boxed version of the game, DiRT Rally PLUS VR Upgrade, will be hitting stores.

Unlike Driveclub the entire game will be supported in VR, including all the cars and all the routes. Codies have gone the – aha – extra mile and included a new co-driver co-op mode where the non-headset wearing playing can use the Dualshock to give pace advice notes to the driver.

The game scored an impressive 8/10 in our review, and was a runner up in our Best Racing Game of 2016.
Source: YouTube / Press release

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  1. Yessssssss Great news!!!
    Please Codies do the same for F1 2016.

    • Yes! That would be amazing!
      I’m hoping that as it was a 60fps game already that the compromises made for VR won’t be as significant as DriveClub.
      Having said that despite the cutbacks DC remains one of my favourite VR experiences because driving games never get boring and it’s a full game unlike a lot of the other VR titles out at the moment.
      I’m still really disappointed that GT Sport won’t be fully playable in VR.

    • I doubt it, they will have started on the next F1 game, and Dirt Rally was easy to do as it already had support for VR on PC.

      Never say never for 2017 though.

      • I would be very happy to see PSVR support for F1 2017.

  2. As a Vive owner, I have to say “Grrr” to this news. The game has had Oculus Rift support for quite a while and Codemasters have said previously there are no plans to provide Vive support, so to then build in support for PSVR (albeit cheekily asking for an extra £10 on top) annoys me somewhat.

    If you are going to support multiple headsets, support them all..

  3. Awesome-sauce xD

  4. Wouldn’t that not be a 3rd VR Racing Game?
    Because Trackmania Turbo has added VR and it is free :)

  5. Exciting! I just need a PSVR. And maybe a safety belt for my chair.

  6. If, like me, you want Dirt Rally VR but don’t own the base game yet, you might consider buying it from PSN where it’s reduced to £16.49 until 20th January.

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