The King Of Fighters XIV’s Graphical Overhaul Update Out Now

Announced at the end of last year, The King of Fighters XIV has now been given a big update in the graphical department, to try and make the best of the current generation of consoles.

A lot of the lighting and effects have been reworked, as can be seen in the trailer, but there’s also more colour variations of each character to choose from, and a smattering of bug fixes and tweaks in the patch notes after the trailer.

  • Significant graphical improvements for character models and other aspects.
  • Addition of 2 new color variations (there are now 6 color variations available per character).
  • In the case“Random”or“Team Random”is chosen in member selection, characters and teams will be chosen randomly every match.
  • It is now possible to save the PLAYER 2 settings in Button Config.
  • Adjustment for graphic improvements on PlayStation®4 Pro.
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Addition of more than 50 brand new profile icons.
    (all icons will be automatically unlocked after the update)
  • Addition of more than 100 brand new titles.
    (one title will be unlocked per online match after the update)
  • There are now 16 “Crowd Sound Effects” available on “Freematch”. (some controls have also changed)
  • Addition of a “Random” stage selection feature for registered stages in online profiles.
  • Players previously challenged in versus battles are now registered and visible in the “Player Met” section of “Friends” on the PlayStation®4 home screen.
  • A signal sound effect is now heard in the freematch lobby when it is the player’s turn.
  • Changed the design of the antenna symbol that shows the connection speed between the Player and the opponent online.
    (Displayed in the “Ranked Match” VS screen, during the freematch opponent searching, in the freematch room, etc…)
  • Online connection functions improved.
  • Chang Koehan – Tekkyuu Dai Bousou (MAX Ver.) – Fixed an issue where the camera does not switch normally when the opponent performs an action in a specific timing during this move’s blackout end.
  • Mai Shiranui – Ukihane – Fixed an issue where this move was cancellable with some actions at land recovery.

via press release, patch notes

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