Apple Raise The Price Of Apps By 25%, Super Mario Run Now Costs £2 More


Apple are to increase the price of apps by 25% so that a 99 cent app in the US version of the store will now cost 99 pence here in the UK, having previously cost 79 pence. Second tier apps will rise from £1.49 to £1.99, and an in-app purchase that previously cost £7.99 will now be priced at £9.99, so Super Mario Run ‘All Worlds’ upgrade now costs you two pounds more than it did yesterday.

The value of the pound vs. the dollar has fallen dramatically since the Brexit vote, although it has rallied a little in recent days.

“Price tiers on the App Store are set internationally on the basis of several factors, including currency exchange rates, business practices, taxes, and the cost of doing business,” Apple told the BBC, “These factors vary from region to region and over time.”

Apple have introduced two new price tiers to ease the pain, although developers will have to re-price their apps to the new 79p and 49p tiers. Not that many will it, it seems.

“I don’t think many publishers will respond to that change,” Ben Dodson, an app consultant and developer of Music Tracker, told the BBC. “It’s just throwing money away and there’s no reason to give people in the UK a discount.”

India and Turkey have also seen similar price rises on the app store.

Source: BBC / 9to5Mac

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  1. Riiiiiight. It’s definitely down to Brexit and not because Apple are known to put up prices along with loving any excuse to have higher prices.

    • The pound is worth 30% less since clueless idiots voted on something they didn’t fully understand, it’s o lying natural that things cost 30% more

      • Pretty much this. Also Apple being a bit greedy as always, but mostly this.

      • And when the pound is strong do these same companies decrease the price of their products by 30%. No? Ok then.

        They increased the price of their apps because they can, not because of Brexit. Brexit is simply a convenient excuse to justify their own greed and bitterness.

        Clearly name calling is an attribute most ‘clued up’ ‘non-idiots’ in this world possess.

      • Not everyone who voted to leave the EU is a clueless moron but there were definitely some misinformed folk who voted as a knee-jerk reaction or just fell in-line with whatever tabloid newspaper they read.

      • Everyone who voted out is racist. *Sticks fingers in ear* LALALALALLA! I CAN’T HEAR YOU!

        I wish I could say that was a joke but apparently, it is not the case because people who did so are racists unless they voted against something they wanted. :-/

        The entire thing is a badly handled mess. Cameron’s lot got cocky and believed it wouldn’t happen. Farage’s lot doubted it would happen. It happened and the mess occured.

        To Apple, Brexit is merely an excuse to raise prices. They probably would have done so if it was the other way around. Apple raises prices for the sake of it. And barely pay tax.

  2. I get where they’re coming from blaming Brexit for the price increase. I spilt coffee on my shirt this morning because of Brexit. I think maybe Starbucks have been forced to cut costs by reducing the quality of their paper cups and I misjudged the weight, I don’t know. Either way, it was all Brexit’s fault.

    On a positive note, raising the price of apps is the most innovative thing Apple have done in about 6 years. Well actually, it’s a toss up between increasing the price of apps, removing the headphone jack from the iPhone and reducing the thickness of the latest iPad by 0.00000000000000012mm – you can absolutely feel the difference.

  3. Well, Apple are not really known as the generous, highly moral kind, stacking up billions while evasing taxes. And since 2007, they’ve not really come up with any more must-have devices, only iterations of the same things. Add to that various strategic failures, e.g. being as stupid as to believe they had any chance in the watch (instead of wearable toy) segment. Add to that various recent design failures, e.g. dropping all relevant jacks that people need, etc.

    As a consequence, even the hardcore Apple enthusiasts don’t part anymore as easily with their money, so the prospect for Apple is not as good as it used to be.

    As the Pound keeps falling, I’m not surprised Apple wants to keep profits from falling further, and this is an easy ‘fix’.

    Whether the weakness of the Pound is due to Brexit, that’s more a matter of belief than anything you can prove. I believe so. And I doubt stupid Trump can save the UK and turn such a bad decision as Brexit into a success story.

  4. That’s odd, looking at the current exchange rates online (, 99 cents equals 79 pence. Or 99p equals $1.22.

    • So what you’re saying is Apple are just being fair in converting from $ to £ then?

      You _did_ remember the whole VAT thing, didn’t you? 79p plus 20% is about 95p, which obviously ends up as 99p because reasons.

  5. Got off the Apple bandwagon about 4 years ago and have never looked back.

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