Perception Confirmed For PS4

The Deep End Games has announced that it will be releasing its first person horror title Perception on PS4, following a successful Kickstarter campaign. The development team has people that have worked on the Dead Space and BioShock franchises, with the game itself going into a very under represented part of gaming. In Perception players are cast as a woman called Cassie as she explores a haunted house. Sounds pretty standard so far but the hook is that Cassie is blind.


Cassie needs to use echolocation to be aware of her surroundings so she can work out where things are, but there’s a problem with this. The sounds Cassie uses to help her navigate the house are also used by the Presence, a malevolent being, to hunt Cassie down. To try and avoid the Presence Cassie either has to hide or cause distractions so the Presence is tricked while she gets away. The house in which the game takes place also takes on a life of its own as it changes its layout.

A release date is to be confirmed.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. Looks pretty interesting.
    Even though she seems to have the ability to open doors without touching them.

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