Call Of Duty’s Next DLC Drop Invites You To A Rave

It’s back to the 1990’s once more with the forthcoming Rave in the Redwoods DLC for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Set in a campground it features raving zombies, the Slasher (ooh, scary), and actual Kevin Smith.

Of course it’s not a proper rave, America never manged to “get” dance music as clearly indicated by that pile of rubbish produced recently that they called EDM. The Brits did raving properly, one of my fondest memories is Dj’ing to a few thousand people at the bottom of Devils Punchbowl in Surry as the sun rose up. Come to think of it quite a few of them looked like zombies, so maybe Infinity Ward are on to something.


Rave in the Redwoods arrives first on PlayStation 4 on 31st January 2017 in the Sabotage DLC pack.

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  1. Jesus this looks even worse than I imagined

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